OMG Does anyone else HATE Amy on Secret LIfe?

Okay I'm watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager on Netflix and I'm on season 2 and OMG AMY IS SUCH A BITCH! I just finished the episode where she said she didn't want Adrian toucher her son and she drives me crazy! She's rude, annoying, whiny, and bitchy. Also, Ricky is a better father than Amy is a good mother, she acts like John is the worst thing thats ever happened to her! I personally am more interested in Ashley and her gay friend right now! Ugh I don't likke watching the parts with Amy honestly. Who else hates her?

  • She's fine
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  • I LOVE HER HoW dArE yOu
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  • never seen the show tbh
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  • Who da fuq is Amy
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  • I hate them all I just watch it for the lulz
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  • Haha, it's been years since I watched that show. I can see where you're coming from, Amy sure was pretty damn annoying. Beautiful but annoying.