What's a good title for an argumentative research paper on cloning?

I'm for cloning not against.

I would also like to know what you know about cloning with out looking it up. Just what is common knowledge.


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  • I know that cloning research and tech is in its infancy. However, I believe its advancement and eventual prevalence is an inevitability. And that would be my approach to the argument. Show how each new technology that was railed against as being an affront to some fictional god has always moved forward without much hindrance. Track cloning R&D progress. Perhaps there's a logarithmic increase that would reflect said inevitability. Based on progress made, questions answered, and new problems revealed you may be able to simulate an expected set of milestones in the future. Cloning: A Timeline of Progress to Come or something like that.


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  • Genetic Plagarism - You look very familiar.

    The Case for Accelerated Natural Selection.

    • Oh wow. I throughly enjoyed the second one. Topic questioner, this is your headline.

  • I did a report on cloning some years ago when I went back to school. Here's what I remember. A female embryo would be required, but I forget what is done to it beforehand. The genetic material, after whatever process has to be done first, of whatever is being cloned would then be inserted into the embryo. Now, the level of success varies though. Dolly was a successful clone, but the scientists went through hundreds of embryos and defects before Dolly.

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  • Some successful cloning of animals has been accomplished. In my opinion, animals have souls. Souls are like fingerprints. No two souls are identical. If those clones exhibit emotions, self-awareness and personality then proof of souls has been seen.

    • I don't know if I want to entertain the idea of a "soul", but I'll follow you with "subjective experience". No matter if the genetic composition is IDENTICAL, even so, the "subjective experience" is ALWAYS different. Think of two clones looking at each other. They're standing in different points in time and space; the angle of the room, the lighting, is all different. So their emotional & psychological development will be different; due to the difference in subjective experience.

  • "Cloning----spare body parts or a race of slaves?"


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  • Cloning- It Isn't About Playing God

    That's my recommendation for a title.

  • You need to give us more details.

    Is it just facts laid out "about" cloning?

    Or do you have opinions and arguments within your paper?

    • Yes its facts about cloning and I'm allowed to have some opinion in the paper, but mainly its arguments from scientists and stuff like that...

    • Okay

      Cloning - "Made to Order"

  • What is your arugment? I'm good at coming up with creative titles.