Why do black women dislike light skin black men?

BOTH my parents are black. I look kind of like him, except a bit lighter and I have lighter eyes.
Why do black women dislike light skin black men?
My preference has always been black girls. Whenever I try to talk to them, they always say "you're cute but I don't light brights" and some other craziness. One even said that i'm not a "real" black man. Waa? They don't like when black men praise light skinned women and bring down darker skinned girls? So, why do they do it to us?


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  • I've never heard of that or done that before.


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  • It's hard to find men like you who actually appreciate a dark-skinned woman or a black girl I suggest maybe you're looking in the wrong places usually some black girls are a bit scared of light skin dudes because they just see someone pretty and who's the player


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