Show off your eyes! What eye color do you guys have?

Eye colors have always facinated me. People have the prettiest eyes and I'm amazed at how pretty some eye colors are. What color are your eyes?

Feel free to include a picture too! Here's mine:Show off your eyes! What eye color do you guys have?

  • Brown
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  • Hazel
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  • Blue
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  • Green
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  • Silver / Grey
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  • Amber
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  • eh I really need to take another one for these questions... I took it directly after getting out of bed lol

    • That's still a good pic man! Good quality, too

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    • @AhGojira *sigh* your link shows that it's mostly blue. and if you know so much about colours then you also know what white balance is and that it can be cooler or warmer... if it's cooler then it contains quite some blue.

      I showed you examples and explained it 3x to you, even offered to make a video. I told you I know how to use photoshop, so I know how to change the iris without fucking up the white. if I wanna change it, then I make it more white and not blue or green.

      this is a giant waste of time, no matter what I say or show you won't believe it so whatever.


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