What is the biggest difference between black girls and white girls?

Besides skin color, what make a black girl different from a white girl


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  • Well all of us are different so you can't say "black girls" and "white girls" and expect an answer. Let's put it like this. If there were 2 rooms: One room was filled with 100 white girls, and the room right down the hall was filled with 100 black girls, do you think all of these girls would be the same? There will always be people who don't fit certain stereotypes and can't be boxed in. I mean there are differences in broader culture so yeah, I see what you're saying, but I don't want people to act like we are all the same. So for the sake of generalizing:

    Black girls we tend to be more emotional and expressive. If I'm mad at you I'll let you know up front. If I heard a rumor about you, I'll tell you to your face. If I don't like you I won't pretend to. If I think you're an idiot I'll roll my eyes at you. Black folks prize "realness". I noticed white girls can be more passive aggressive and can come off "fake". I went to high school that was like 60% white and 40% black so I have been around a lot of white people and even been friends with white girls. I have seen a lot of times a girl can't stand someone but will pretend to like them and be nice to them to their face. But as soon as they leave they let it all out. I remember I asked this girl one time, "Well if you don't like her why do you associate with her?" and she said "I don't want to be mean" so then we had this conversation and it turned out that she thought if you're rude to someone it's mean to be mean to their face. But I just think it's meaner to be fake nice to their face in the name of "politeness" when you really don't like them.

    OK body image: Well obviously white women tend to be smaller and less curvy, and black women are usually curvier..Like me personally I am not thin at all and don't wanna be but I am thinking about wearing butt pads when I wear leggings to make my ass look bigger lol. But I knew size 4 girls that would complain that they're fat and wanna lose weight. I don't get that but whatever. I mean its not cute in the black community to be hugely fat but many of us wanna have big boobs, a small waist, large hips and a fat round ass. '

    but I have to say most of these differences are not because of race, but because of social conditioning. I'm sure if I grew up in some all white community in Vermont I would be totally different

    • I think you were right on about social conditioning.

      I got enough black from my dad that if you looked at me, you'd assume I was just black.

      But my madre is puerto rican, and was adopted by the whitest white people you've ever met. xD

      So my entire family is white. I was raised by my grandparents for the first six years of my life.

      And I just don't come off as black to the people who know me.

      I have more in common with 'white people' then I do with 'black people'.

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  • body shape

  • Nothing, people are people. The way people behave is based on their own life experiences, not the color of their skin. Do all white people act the same? No. So why would you assume that all black people ac the same?

  • How can anyone answering this question not be stereotyping? this is hilarious! I'm black and not offended by any of these answers because some are the sad truth but I'm noticing how positive the white differences are and how negative the black differences are . Which is understandable because the representation of who we are is awful. but maybe the lot of you have never socialized with a black person that had a brain..

  • You can't compare someone based on the colour of there skin. Its so totally wrong.

  • I'm part black but I definitely do not live up to any stereotypes and I think it's an individual thing.

  • In all honesty it depends on the girl, I am black BUT I am probably one of the whitest black girls you will know (my friends call me oreo) I love rock and country, I have never dated a black guy (don't intend to) and so it really does depend on the person

  • lol this is a fun question. Their hair texture, Black girls usually have bigger features lips, nose etc. and black girls Usually naturally have bigger butts. Oh and black girls have a different outlook on life (I say usually because I have seen some black girls who butts are nonexistent lol and I say naturally because now anything is possible with surgery). But usually if you compare the bodies of a black girl who is the same size as a white girl the black girl will have a bigger butt. White girls usually make up for this in their breast size though

  • When white people talk, they say the whole word.

  • Black girls have bigger asses more curves and arn't afraid to show the world some attitude

  • Why are people freaking out over this question? We are all equal, but we must admit that different cultures have differences, it is not racist to realize this...

  • The booty lol


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  • how their hair feels

  • i guess their hairstyles are usually very different!...lol its not the most logistic answer...but still just to say...

  • Bigger ass usually, I tend to like black girls more then white because of this.

  • white girls are attractive, black girls are not attractive (for white males)(most of the time, I'm white)

    black girls are attractive, white girls are not attractive (for black males)(probably, I guess so)

    • You seem to be hung up on race,you're profile says "White(European)"

      I mean...

    • Because there is difference between races; Hawaii females love big guys. It will not be OK to listen a Hawaii female here for me since they are not in my league, and they answers/thoughts/feelings are different than white ones.

    • Some spelling errors, sorry...

  • You can take them out of the ghetto but cant' the ghetto out of them.

  • Oh, damn. I went to high school in the eighties...should I even answer this question?

    The difference is night and day. Back then, black people called us latinos the "B" word and we returned it by calling them the "N" word. Racism was rampant and almost acceptable. So whenever I use the "N" to describe a black person misbehaving in my neighborhood, black people who might overhear are shocked. Yet that's how it was back then...I was often called a 'beaner honkey', thus I returned the gesture and called the black dude the "N". He'd usually laugh, knew it was warranted for spilling racsism in my face.

    Todays, society doesn't understand this New York style stock exchange. Racial words are more offensive than smoking in the presence of children -- that's how retardid America is today! Hypocrism is worse than ever! God forgive you for saying the "N" word, but okay if you toss a cigarette bud out the window. I'm sure Mother Nature doesn't mind the so-called biodegradable trash, eh?

    God bless America...our home crap home, with all the trash we've yet to pick up.

    Are you folks having fun yet?

  • 1) They talk differently, we all know what I mean

    2) Their culture

    3) Black women have more curves

    4) Black women have bigger lips

    5) Black women sing better

    5) White women generally have more money

    6) Black women come from bad neighborhoods & don't get the best education provided

    7) So much more...

    • How stereotypical can you be? I'm black I grew up in an elite all white neighborhood, actually some of my WHITE friends lived in houses WAY smaller than mine, I had EVERYTHING (STILL DO) coach, and juicy bags a brand new car... everything. I am currently in college a criminal justice major pre-law minor, talk differently? You could call me at this moment and you would have NO IDEA my race.. at all... so sorry think again

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    • umm of course he would of already known that there are some black girls out there that won't fit the stereotypical description of a black girl... he was just making a general observation, even if it is stereotypical.

    • Thank you Maddi, I was just speaking generally. I didn't every black/white girl fits this description. I don't care if people want to cry at me though, I know the general truth & don't need to hear people whine just because not every rule applies to every person. I mean, just get real. We all know the thing I listed are generally true. And the comment I made to lucky is due to her ignorant questions & answers, which sound like what typical blond would write, not all blondes of course.