Why does my boyfriend say mean things to me when he drinks?

Sometimes he loveable and sometimes he is just there. He drinks and says belligerent things to me when he tips of on drinking. His father and brothers all have drinking issues as well as him.


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  • Who cares why he does it. The point is he does it. All that should matter to you is 1) does it bother you and 2) Is he ever going to stop?

    There could be no logical reason at all. A shrink could sit down with him for months and unravel an elaborate reason or trauma from his childhood where this is all rooted. But frankly who cares if all he does is nods at his shrink, drive home, drink, and acts bilegerent towards you. Understanding the problem isn't necessarily going to solve it or make you feel any better.

    Dump him. Or when he does it just walk out the door and go have fun until he's sober.

    Deep thinking is overrated. The simple approach is often best.


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  • if he thinks it drunk, he thinks it sober, just that drunks don't care who they hurt, so watch out, he sounds a nasty immature drunk who will drag you down if your not careful,c

    • OMGosh you all right! I just wanted to hear what I already knew, it really helps. UPDATE - I kicked him to the curve. Never in a 1000 years did I ever think I would be or deal with a situation like this. As strong as a person my friends and family see me as, is as weak as person one can be. So life goes on and the good think is that I am still a "Happy Go Lucky" type of gal, that people enjoy having around. Now back to my life! Thank you!

    • A strong and wise reply, if you always remember what your self worth is, then you won't allow anyone to treat you any less than you believe your worthy of. So if a guy treats you poorly, then that means your decision to choose him was poor, wait a little longer and your have what your talents desire. A bloke will prove his worth to you, and never treat you badly.

  • It's called alcoholism and is heriditary. Do you want to deal with this for the rest of your life? You will if he does'nt find help.

  • Men are suckers and when he drinks he finally gain conscious. He lie when he is sober but when he is drunk he tell the truth I think.


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  • You answered your own question. He has drinking issues

  • you have to bear in mind that when someone drinks they lose their abilty to kinda "filter" out what they're thinking,and what they're saying,so as awful as it is,he might actually be thinking the drunken slurs he says to you all the time,but just doesn't say it when he's sober.

    • I would find a healther person that is for sure,you deserve better then that..There are a lot of nice guy's out there.