What does it mean when a guy randomly sends you a picture?

What does that mean? Is that flirting? Am I missing something...? Lol...

And no it's not a sexual pic, it's usually just from his neck/shoulders and up

Today this guy I kind of have a thing for randomly texted me a pic. We talk everyday (phone and text)

I want to date him but I'm shy and I don't know how to tell if he likes me or not. But we do text a lot and he always asks me if its OK to call me.

Anyways, he sends me pictures randomly. One time he was texting me while he was "sleeping" and he was laying down and took a pic of him next to his pillow

Just regular pics in the middle of our convo or like today RANDOMLY in the middle of the day.

I liked it, I just don't know if it means he likes me or something...


Most Helpful Guy

  • You talk every day and he apparently likes that. He likes you and senses that you like him. It does not matter if you have not told him that you like him if you make it obvious by how you act and talk with him. Whether it be talking, texting, or sending a picture, he is COMMUNICATING with you, and expressing that he likes you.

    Let him know you enjoy his pictures and send him some sometimes.

    No, there does not seem to be any underlying interest in sexual pictures. It seems to be clean enjoyment of friendship.