How to fatten up a boy

i know the question seems weird. but please no bad comments or answers.

here's the deal I know a boy who so skinny he's want to grow a little. anyonw have any recipes or food ideas I could use to help.

hopefully some meaty foods, for ex: turkey, ect
please give me some recipes. p.s this boy is young


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  • This question really made my day :) I love it!

    Now, before I launch into ways to fatten up your man, I think its important to consider that maybe he's happy the way he is, and if he is, then maybe its an idea to accept him like that (unless he's unhealthy kind of skinny, in which case you/him should seek help).

    It depends, if he really enjoys food, then ask him what kinds of things he likes and try to make them for him - or if you're a bit of a cooking disaster, take him out to eat or ask his family/friends for tips.

    It's important not to say anything directly to him about being skinny, you don't want to make him lose confidence.

    If he doesn't enjoy eating, then you could always associate food with sex? get him to eat chocolate off of you and chances are, he'll enjoy it :P

    Its also important that while you want him not to be skinny, don't try to get him to be unhealthy, there are lots of ways to fatten up your boy without ruining his health.

    • ok. but he wants me to fatten him.have any meaty foods that'll do the trick

    • Oh! awesome! well... often you can get nutrient shakes and protein shakes that help with muscle growth and gaining weight, often its in the section of the store that has health supplements to help with people who gym and work-out a lot and who look for supplements to help. You've probably already thought of this, so I apologize if you have, but what about searching on google for foods that fatten people up or for people looking to gain weight. The problem could be caused by a fast metabolism.

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  • protien shakes and the gym

  • Milkshakes? Or lots of protein?

    • P.S. I love your Digimon avatar. You'd be best off consulting a nutritionist (is there one at your school) or your doctor on what to eat to gain weight.

  • Have him eat lots of carbs and protein and hit the gym. Muscle is a better way to grow than fat.

  • Lots of rice and starchy foods like pasta and bread. Irregular meals help, too.

  • KFC... works for me anyway

  • Turkey won't help lol its lean meat!

    Soul and comfort food will put on some weight X)

  • I think you should opt for protein. Still make sure the meals are balanced though, just increase the amount. Eggs are a good way to go.

  • eat lots of rice, fruits and veggies.


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  • Family doctors can be very helpful with personal diets. A lot of people people don't what they should be eating And... a persons body reacts and deals with certain kinds of food so differently the rate at which calories are burnt (metabolism) varies.

    It would be cool if there was a set of rules that worked for everyone, but really this is not the situation . So... best bet is to suggest to him that he might benefit from seeing his doctor or a nutritionist.

    Oh, one last thing... most importantly some people have deficiencies in their system or may require certain vitamins or minerals, supplements that will help to digest and utilize proteins and fats. Most people won't be able to figure that one out without the help of a medical professional either .

  • he could join a sports team like football, rugby, athletics anything that involves a fair amount of running will bulk anyone up a bit so that they look natural and healthy.

    if your guy is an ectomorph however then weight lifting and plenty of good food will do the trick.

  • Lots of protein, lifting.

  • simple, eat more.