Why are men so superficial?

I am the type of young woman that gets checked out wherever she goes. But has soon has I put on my long coat (where you cannot see my figure) bandana... Show More

Also, I notice I get called "ma'am" a lot when dressed down. Does this change in appearance make me appear older?

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  • I really wouldn't consider it superficial. Men tend to be a bit more physical than women. Basically we tend to be drawn more to physical stimuli. When you dress up, you make yourself more noticeable. Men see this and they respond more to you because of it.

    If you want to call it superficial then can't we say the same for women who feel the need to dress up to be noticed? Of course we can, but we both know it's not always the case. Women too need to feel good about themselves and even the woman who isn't all girlie girl will doll up on occasion just so she can feel more feminine.

    Lets face it, we are drawn in if we like what you see. Most guys love a dolled up woman with a nice figure and nice hair. When you cover that up, all we see is another face in the crowd.

    Granted there are some guys who are indeed superficial, but it's manifested in different ways. Maybe when you're all dolled up some guys won't notice you at all because they feel you don't meet their standards. It's not that they don't find you attractive, perhaps just not attractive enough. You may be in the above average range all dolled up and thy are still looking for that perfect ten (even if they themselves don't rate higher than a four.)

    As far looking older when you dress down, I think that too is an individual judgment call. Perhaps some guys may see you as not feeling well, others may perceive you as appearing older. Guys are individual and all of them that see the same you may have their own perspective in regard to you appearance.