Why do females wear thigh high stockings?

Do women wear thigh high stockings only for x rated reasons or are there others? I mean why do they wear them at work?


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  • Why do females wear thigh high stockings?

    Probably comfort, fashion, or disguise. By disguise I mean hiding blemishes, cellulite, stretchmarks, etc as I've know many gals who wear leg wear due to such.

    Do women wear thigh high stockings only for x rated reasons or are there others?

    I highly doubt gals wear thigh high stockings only for x rated reasons and this seems to be typical male projecting of sexual desires onto a gal's appearance. Likely the most common reason is fashion.

    I mean why do they wear them at work?

    Depends on where they work as it seems the professional look for gals is suit or blouse/skirt/stockings or tights.


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  • I'm a die hard hosiery and heels gal., of all varieties. I like the way they feel, and how they make my legs look. Must be working, as I do get lots of compliments. I work in a business office, and do have to wear suits,skirts and dresses as a rule, but that's me anyway. I'll opt for thigh highs especially on a warm day, as they are cooler than pantyhose/tights. And Yes, they are also stimulating in the bedroom,too. An added bonus!

  • I love my thigh highs with a skirt for work , I buy good quality leggings that last more than a couple wears and make me feel sexy
    , I can't stand pantyhose too restrictive and too prone to laddering or getting holes

  • Can't say as I've ever known of any female that has ever worn thigh highs for anything less than warmth and/or fashion. The one exception to this rule is if they're not wearing anything else (i.e. lingerie fashion shoot or getting ready for a romp in the hay). Granted, those are not 'stockings' in the typical sense, but you get the idea.

  • go put on a pair of pantyhose and walk around in them for a while. Then try that with thigh-highs. What you will discover is that pantyhose are OF THE DEVIL. Even if youa re thin, after a while they will cut into your waist, they are hot and will make your crotch hot, and they will make your buttcheeks itch. Thigh- highs don't do that. They are WAY more comfortable than pantyhose.

  • Because theyre easier to put on than tights and if you do end up going to bed with someone you don't want to be spending hours trying to get them off your legs.

  • They are not for x rated. I wear thigh highs everyday for work and when I go out socially. They are much more freer on a girl's legs than pantyhose in which can be restricting. Plus I am always dressed up as well and I always wear thigh highs. They can be for everyday wear and they are very feminine as well.


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  • Intelligent design.

    Praise be.

  • Why not?

  • What working environment or workplace have you seen this style? I've seen this outside of the working environment but why are you complaining. I think you should be enjoying the view instead of over-analyzing dude. Enjoy and let the good times roll.

  • They are sexy. From the lacy tops right down to the silky toes. Most importantly, you can wear them under a power suit and strut around the office with extra confidence, because while everyone assumes you’re wearing granny panty nylons all the way up past your bellybutton, you’re actually wearing the stuff dreamed up for hot nights. You will never get runs in your stockings from going to the bathroom because you don’t need to pull them down. There are not as constricting as regular tights. You can actually breathe and move in these things, relatively comfortably.

    • This explains why they wear them, I still would like to know how that works though. I mean why is it that they make them feel that way. What about the item itself makes them feel so sexy and confident

  • Thigh highs (with or without garters) go better with pants. Some women do not like knee highs/knee socks so thigh highs work better and can evn go with skirts too.

    Also, for using the bathroom, much easier than pulling down hose/tights.

    And there is the sexual angle to them as well.