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Have you ever dared a guy to wear your clothes?

Girls have you ever dared a guy to wear your clothes, if so what did you make him wear

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  • Yes! Me and my guy friend swapped clothes once when we where in school, just to see what people would do. It was so funny, probably one of my best high school days, everyone was in stitches, even the teachers where laughing. It was all good fun, 4 years later and there's still a picture of us in the main corridor of the school in each others clothes haha

    However, he totally stretched out my clothes, which was really hard to explain when I got home, the parents didn't find it so funny ha ha but it was worth it

What Girls Said 12

  • at a party, we dared the guys to wear our panties lol...

    Mine got wrecked :(

  • No, but I've dared a guy (my cousin) to let me do his make-up and paint his nails. He looked very pretty. :D

    • Jenna Marbles did that to her boyfriend

    • Lol, yeah I think I saw that.

  • um no, my boyfriend would definitely not fit into my clothes. I'm small, he's not. Lol

    • Yeah, but have you done it...not if he would fit

    • That's what the "umm no" at the beginning of my answer was referring to.

  • no... it really pissed me off when I saw a guy trying to fit on my college uniform jacket once...it happened mainly because I have left it unattended and they got intrigued by it's small size.

    so... I really wouldn't dare any guy to do that because I'm super thin and no guy would simply fit on my cloths without ruining it...

  • No I haven't done that, although I once lend my t-shirt to my boyfriend, (simple white one with a rabbit I myself have drawn and my name and age on it) and he wore it to school the next day, he didn't have any left so :) Hehehhe it fit him well :D

  • Yes! My boyfriend insisted his wool suit and tie were more uncomfortable then my skirt, hose and heels. So I dared him to wear pantyhose for a day! (Under his other clothes) I so won the dare - he lasted until lunch. NWY

    • Wool suits are only uncomfortable on hot days...it would depend on the weather!

  • nono,i don't like guys in my clothes.

  • Can't say that I have...

  • Hell no, he'll stretch out my clothes. I doubt they can fit into size 3 and/or 4.

    Or small size shirts.

    If I wanted him to try on girl clothes, I would take him to the mall, pick out shirts around his size, and go into the fitting room.

  • probably a long time ago yes

  • I did and he put on my skirt

What Guys Said 3

  • as a guy its not something that would really interest me to try , I likely wouldn't fit anyways and look rediclous

  • Im a male,i wear girl clothes 24/7 Girl known clothing is all I have and wear

  • Some girls tried to persuade me to dress up like a girl at an event to raise money for cancer research while I was drunk as f***. lol Their words didn't sway me.

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