Ugly Girls Need Love Too

I was watching marriage shows on TLC and I noticed that only the women that are pretty and spoiled, that look like they're going to spend up their husband's money get married? Why's that? Ugly girls need love too and most of them would probably make better wives.

I kind of wish that everyone looked the same, then no one would be judged based on appearance and everything would be based who the person is on the inside. This world is so unfair.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Just to let you and other women know some things about what guys see in women (at least from _my_ perspective, being a plain ordinary guy):

    1) looks aren't everything, and often are often insignificant! Guys aren't always looking for looks in a serious &/or long-term relationship ... myself, personality counts for a lot! It's the first and most important character in a woman, for me.

    2) a lot of guys look at more than the "whole picture", finding areas of a woman that are something that stands out and we find attractive. I, myself, can find _something_ that I see as attractive in most every woman.

    You women that say that you are "ugly", are in truth NOT "ugly" but either have been told this while gong through adolescence (i.e. in school) or through some guy or guys (or "friends" ["with 'friends' like that, who needs enemies?"] or other girls who have their own appearance issues) that you've had a relationship with who were / are verbally abusive or were so down in self-esteem that it made (or makes) them feel better if they can make someone else feel inferior to them! There is a guy out there (or a gal, if that's the way you like [or prefer] it)

    My advice, then, is don't be negative about yourself ... be POSITIVE - - - FEEL positive about yourself! There's a guy out there for every woman (that wants a _guy_), just as there's a gal out there for every guy ... you (we) just have to keep looking until you (we) find that right someone! Don't just 'settle' for someone just because they _act_ interested ... check them out for awhile and get to know them first before getting settled into the long-term relationship.

    I speak from experience, both personal as well as hearing friends (as well as quite a few strangers ... that's another story, there), my older sisters, reading such stories as above, as well as friends of friends.