Ugly Girls Need Love Too

I was watching marriage shows on TLC and I noticed that only the women that are pretty and spoiled, that look like they're going to spend up their husband's money get married? Why's that? Ugly girls need love too and most of them would probably make better wives.

I kind of wish that everyone looked the same, then no one would be judged based on appearance and everything would be based who the person is on the inside. This world is so unfair.


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  • Just to let you and other women know some things about what guys see in women (at least from _my_ perspective, being a plain ordinary guy):

    1) looks aren't everything, and often are often insignificant! Guys aren't always looking for looks in a serious &/or long-term relationship ... myself, personality counts for a lot! It's the first and most important character in a woman, for me.

    2) a lot of guys look at more than the "whole picture", finding areas of a woman that are something that stands out and we find attractive. I, myself, can find _something_ that I see as attractive in most every woman.

    You women that say that you are "ugly", are in truth NOT "ugly" but either have been told this while gong through adolescence (i.e. in school) or through some guy or guys (or "friends" ["with 'friends' like that, who needs enemies?"] or other girls who have their own appearance issues) that you've had a relationship with who were / are verbally abusive or were so down in self-esteem that it made (or makes) them feel better if they can make someone else feel inferior to them! There is a guy out there (or a gal, if that's the way you like [or prefer] it)

    My advice, then, is don't be negative about yourself ... be POSITIVE - - - FEEL positive about yourself! There's a guy out there for every woman (that wants a _guy_), just as there's a gal out there for every guy ... you (we) just have to keep looking until you (we) find that right someone! Don't just 'settle' for someone just because they _act_ interested ... check them out for awhile and get to know them first before getting settled into the long-term relationship.

    I speak from experience, both personal as well as hearing friends (as well as quite a few strangers ... that's another story, there), my older sisters, reading such stories as above, as well as friends of friends.


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  • Ive read the posts and replies and all of you have good points but id like to rebuttle on some and support others lime for example they say ugly girls can't get guys maybe but I'm sure they can get laid... If a girl is good in the sack I'm sure love will grow no pun intended... Well I'm American living in brazil and I've seen some straight up fugly girl f*cking+ugly= fugly girls but with bangin bodies I think if girls that don't have much going on esteticly could join a gym do some butt exercizes or whatever and who knows might meet somone at the gym, park, public pool werever . Being ugly isn't bad if your good in tha sack that's all I haveto coment hit meon Facebook if you wana talk about it joe83c ugly girls don't scare me

    • Well I'm not a slutty girl so that isn't going to work, not interested in sex with a guy that doesn't love me. Anyway, if you want me to tell you you're right I can do that for you if it makes you feel better.

      I don't have Facebook and no interest in joining it.

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    • Whatever I don't want to be objectified and I don't want my best trait to be my sex appeal because I do actually have great qualities and I'm a good person. I want a guy to love me for who I am inside. Maybe that's asking too much.

    • Ok sorry sometimes I will write something for other people to read not just you and I'm glad your OK with yourself good for you

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  • I wouldn't take those shows seriously at all. While it's true that there is a lot of emphasis placed on women's attractiveness, you also have to realize that physical attractiveness gives you a head start, but it doesn't guarantee that you'll be in a successful relationship or marriage. Once you reach a certain age and maturity level, you start to focus less on these superficial qualities; you just want someone to connect with.

    The world is unfair, but things could always be ten times worse. You have to make the best of what you've got.

  • Why would someone that is ugly be a better wife? That doesn't make any sense.

    • That's the only thing that you got out of my question. I never said someone that is ugly is automatically a better wife. You're taking things out of context.

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    • "That doesn't make any sense."

      Sure it does. Check out the lyrics to Jimmy Soul's "If You Wanna Be Happy".

    • I believe that song is sarcasm. Being a good wife is not based on how you look.

  • Ugly women get married everyday but they are not shown on TV. Don't look at TV, go out during the day and people watch. You will see rather unattractive women paired up with someone. The guy probably won't be some rich playboy or anything, but I'm sure she can still find true love which is what really matters.

  • It is unfair...but sometimes I think ugly girls think they can get good looking guys and that's not how it works. They have to get a guy as ugly as them. A lot are single cause they don't want the ugly guy but no good looking guys want them.

    • I guess you're right, but not even ugly guys want ugly girls. Being an ugly girl is a million times worse than being an ugly guy too.

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    • It is true that ugly guys have the same problems, but ugly guys aren't always considered less masculine than an attractive guys. Ugly girls on the other hand are always considered less feminine. Not feeling like a woman even though you are and you want to must be a horrible feeling don't you think?

    • Not necessarily lol because I am a pretty girl (a lot of people say that I'm not conceited) who is more attracted to the funny, less-attractive guy than the really stereotypical "hot" guy lol. so ugly guys do have an easier time than ugly girls because girls go more for personality but guys go for looks its true!

  • I don't know. I am an ugly girl and I have never had a boyfriend. I know I will never get married, but there is not much I can do about it. I am just going to try to be a good person and focus on my career instead.

    • I m also ugly and I feel same way that I should focus on my carrier but inside I feel need for love and I dream that I'll marry some day although I know that its not possible.