Keeping me at arms length - is there still hope of being close?

My boyfriend of 9 months and I had our first serious relationship discussion. I am usually very happy with him. But lately I noticed that he didn't really seem to be considering me or my feelings in any of his plans. He invited me to meet his family over the forth of July, but then didn't tell me I would have to drive myself there. I found out when we were out with his friends that he was going down in the middle of the week on his motorcycle. He recently bought a new climbing harness to on a climbing trip with his guys over his birthday week, but hasn't yet bought a second helmet so that I can ride his motorcycle with him - and he knows that I really want to.

He admitted to keeping me at arms length because he felt burned by his last relationship. He says he cares about me (not loves) and that he has a great time, enjoys my company etc, but that he can't make me any promises.

I am not looking to rush off into marriage so I don't feel like I need to put our relationship on a time clock. However, I am concerned that he may never get close to me.

Should I continue to be patient with him and enjoy going out with him or could this "commitment" issue be another "he's not that into you" excuse. I could really fall in love with him and I don't want to be the one that gets burned.