We had a fight and he won't talk to me - is it over?

We had a really bad fight 2 weeks ago after dating 6 months...everything else was brilliant. It was a total misunderstanding. I have seen him to apologize to (it was totally my fault) and he said he missed me but...since then no contact. Is it over?


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  • From a man's perspective: we are pretty vain... So when we've had an argument, and it wasn't our fault, then we wouldn't apologize for it...Anyways, the best thing you could do now is just to talk about it. He's feeling something he doesn't really know how to handle, which is apparent seeing that you've already apologized and he's still acting this way, so you should facilitate him into getting through this and sorting it out.Call him up and ask something like "Hey, you've been pretty quiet for the past few days, is anything wrong?"If he tells you what's wrong, guide him through it. "Gosh, I can't imagine how that must feel to you... How do you feel about that?""I can totally understand that."Then, if he's emptied his mind, if he's thrown his feelings on the table, and when you UNDERSTAND HIM, then you can go about into clearing up the thing you have, and to apologize one final time. Do tell him how you've felt about this, how you feel now, and how you'd want the future to be ("I hope we can discuss our problems without arguing next time... I really like you, so I don't like to see you mad", for example).After that, of course, end on a positive note, and ask him "alright, so when are we going to see each other again? I have an awsome movie I want to see with you."Anywhoo, good luck with this stuff. I'm sure everything'll be fine. Do tell us how it went when you've done it, mmkay? ;pHave a great day! ^^

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  • if it was your fault he's probably waiting for YOU to make the effort.

  • Why not write a letter explaining how you feel. If he wants to contact you he can. Sometimes men need their own space after an argument. I would give it another week or so, if you hear nothing then maybe try to move on. There is not point in waiting for him if he can't even respond to you.

  • Yes, most likely it is if the person has not come back in a while. He may miss you but feel its not gonna wrk out or has his interest somewhere else. This same thing sort of happen to me except we dated for 7 weeks and never argued about anthing but I caught him in a lie(he's fault) but he never apologized to me for it and tried to use reverse physicology on me. I didn not apprecciate that and I ended it. Its been 4 weeks now and not one phone call from him and still no sorry when he was in the wrong here. You see, no matter how great of Gf's we are, some men still don't get it. I mean, you apologized and still didn't make no difference and I gave my guy the opportunity to and he told me he had nothing to say. Really? So do we deserve guys like this? No, we dont. So I moved on, never called him either because I know that he is not the man for me and you should know that too. It was great while it lasted and now it is over.