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Do you girls like getting your butt slapped?

? there's this girl who always pinches my nips, and every time she does I slap her in the ass LOL...

and I meant on the ass LOL

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  • I don't like it but I don't dislike it, it doesn't make a difference for me.

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  • No it hurts choke me spank me pull my hair but not slap my ass LOL

  • well if my boyfriend playfully does it (occasionally), it's fine.

  • Well...does she like it? If she likes it then woohoo! I love it and most girls I know love it. The only time we don't like it is when we are at the bar/club with our friends and we don't know you and you decide to slap our ass. That's the only time we would have the problem with it and not like it.

  • I don't like it!

    I feels akward...some girls like it [im just not one of them]

  • You slap her in the bum? lol. It depends who's doing the slapping. Sometimes it p*sses me off, other times I don't mind.

    • We're pretty much a couple right now

    • Then I wouldn't mind.

  • If you're a couple I guess it's okay, but it depends on the situation. It would be awkward if it's outside, but in more intimate settings, it's okay.

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