Can someone love someone and cheat on them?





I say it's not possible for someone to love someone and cheat even if they think it's a one off...

Ladies what do you think?

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It is an interesting question so far we all think cheating is wrong!

TweetByrd has a very interesting comment. It makes sense. Any comments on that?
Many people so far have given answers from the heart. That cheating is wrong. For the people who think it's ok cheat, in my opinion they are selfish and care for no one but they own selfish need. I believe these people are sad for they know no love.
It is not possible say you love someone when you betray trust. It means if that happens that you don't know what love is. True love is for better or worse, true love is loving and being loved back, true love is frienship, trust, loyality.
For those that cheat it means you haven't discovered love yet, as you would not hurt the one you love. It is better to feel a deep connection when having sex with the person you adore than with someone who leaves you empty.
Using people is not a correct thing to do anyway. It is better to tell the person you with that you need time to think about what it is you looking for. If you both love each other, and it's true love, I believe it will never die. True love is beautiful.
True love is excepting each other just the way you are. True love is honesty, truthful and a love that's unconditional. BUT not betrayal!


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  • I believe that you can't love someone if you cheat. You might like the person a lot, but you don't TRULY love them. If you truly love someone you will do ANYTHING to keep them from being hurt. There is a paradox to this, however, and that is. If someone was pointing a gun at the person you love and you stepped in front of the bullet. You are saving them from being hurt and saving their life, but you are still hurting them by you dying. But that is a completely different case. When it comes to cheating if you love someone you will never cheat regardless. For those who say yeah you can love someone and still cheat, its just commitment issues or anything along those lines has yet to truly fall in love with someone. I think a lot of people, not everyone of course, but a lot of people truly believe they "love" someone, but in reality they just like them a lot, and like what that person brings to them, could be happiness, togetherness, completeness, or even sex. They really like that about the person they are with, but then go and cheat and say I just have commitment issues. Bull sh*t! If you love someone you will never hurt them no matter what.