Did he use me?

What are the signs that a guy just used me?


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  • "Well everything he did and said was perfect!"

    Yeah, that's what I mean. He's saying everything he needs to say, he's doing everything he needs to do. Girls have become so obsessed with words and looks that it's extremely easy for us guys to create a simple formula for getting a girl into bed. IT'S VERY EASY TO DO.

    Call it being a pig or whatever you want to make yourself "feel" better about it. If I see a $50 dollar bill in street, I'm not going to just step over it.

    Stop worrying about how it is he's going to make you feel, because that is meaningless outside of your head, outside of your thoughts. How you feel is what you want, and a relationship isn't built on how you feel about it. A relationship is two people who come together to achieve something they can't on their own. If all you have to offer him that he can't do on his own is sex, and you're giving it up based on a smile and sweet words, then that's all he has to do, and you can't expect him to do anything else. If somebody wants to buy a car from me and he only hands me a $100 bill, and I take it and give him the car, I can't decide later that I was stupid and try to tell him to give me more money later.

    You had sex with him, and he didn't have to do much to get it. He doesn't owe you anything. And he's only going to continue doing what it is that he has to do to get what he wants, and chances are, it's all you're going to ask for. If you wanted to sleep with a guy who sends cute text messages, you got exactly what you wanted.

    Either make a decision to not be used by learning about who people are, and just what they feel like, or stop complaining about being used, because you're not being used.


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  • The number one sign is this: that you feel used. Go with that. Trust it. Don't second guess it. Honor and respect yourself and don't ever continue going out with anyone who you feel used by. Guys who use girls are not likely to be honest that that's what they are doing, and are very good at being manipulative to get their needs met without considering yours.

    Do you feel like he is considerate of you, and takes time to know what and how you feel? Does he demonstrate care about what your wants and needs are for a relationship? Does he respect any decision you make, especially the ones that disappoint him?

    If not, dump him.

  • If this question comes to your mind, it is likely that you can be used.

    You need to get to know the person, need to decide whether he is the right rson for you and develop an emotional connection before you sleep with him. Otherwise there is very high chance that you would get used.

  • If he's getting what he wants, and you're not getting what you want, you're being used. That's not a relationship. If him getting what he wants from you and then just doesn't say the right things, and all you want if for him to say the right things, then you're not being used, you're getting exactly what it is your working for.

    Don't worry about what he says, worry about what he does. It's what people do, and the decisions they make, that determine their character.

    If you searching for somebody who will make you feel a certain way based on what they say, you will be used, and used often. Stop being a tool and tell him what you want, if he doesn't want to give it to you, he doesn't want to give you anything, he only wants what he can get.

    You're being used.

    • Well everything he did and said was perfect! I feel like if he uesd me he wouldn't have texted me at all and wouldn't have acted the way he did the next morning.. I'm just confused on why he's only texted me once. so how do I know he used me rather then him just being confused on what he wants in general with me and needing some space to figure it out?

  • If you liked him for how he made you feel, rather than what he does and the decisions he makes in his life. There's a good chanced you got used. You would have given anything to keep those feelings, you wouldn't have done anything for somebody who is good enough not to use women. It's kind of a vague question, no details make for simple answers.

    • I loved the way he made me feel, the problem is he ended things a week ago and said he wanted to be friends because he didn't want a relationship but sad he still liked me & there were no other girls, I saw him thurs at the bar and he was all over me then we hung out a little and hooked up, even the next morning he was being nice & sweet. he texted me once later that night but that's all I've heard from him. I don't know if he used me or if he wants me back and is just confused and needs time? what do you think?

    • "I don't know if he used me or if he wants me back and is just confused and needs time? what do you think?"....O hunny seriously I'm sorry but he told you he didn't want a relationship but just friends. Now that your hooking up with him, your placing yourself under the friends with benefits category. No he's not confused no he doesn't need time. Yes he is now using you for benefits.

    • If he needed time he wouldn't have sex with you,he would absolutely wait till the right time come.

      He is just a user like what" Pinkit3232" said he used you.

      Like "FWB "

      Just stop contact him and GET HIM OUT OF UR LIFE if tht what you didn't want.

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  • if he just wants sex

    if he doesn't call you his girl

    or girlfriend

    if he tries to keep everything secret so that no one knows about your 'relationship'

    he doesn't seem to invest much emotions into the relationship

  • It would make it easier to answer your question if you told us what made you think that he used you

    • A week ago he ended things so we wouldn't lead to a relationship, but I saw him thurs at the bar and we hooked up later that night. I haven't heard from him since the next day when he texted me once, but I don't know if he's confused on what he wants and needs time or if he used me?

    • U really need to learn from this hun.. he doesn't want a relationship but he hooks up with you when his at a bar how easy he knows you like him of course he will be open to hooking up an you coming back to his place but he doesn't care bout u. it sucks I know I ve been there tons of times you gota wake up an realised do you want to be used or do want him badly enough to use u? cus us girls shouldnt let guys use us!!!!!!!

  • He sounds like he is trying to have sex with you if he hasn't already.. If he didn't want a relationship he wouldn't have dated you in the frist place, my take is he isn't getting what he wanted so he left. And gave you some bull **** lie. If you ever have to question that he used to chances are he was.

  • they act like you have never talked before when you talk on the phone. they never call you you always find yourself calling him which is a nono. they talk things you don't like ex: drinking,smoking, hanging out with girls or just not answering your calls and you have left him tons of messages but he want call back. my advice is to not call him for about a week or too. and see if he calls

  • he useed you going buy what you sed o the question answerers

  • He slept with you and run he never come back.