Did he use me?

What are the signs that a guy just used me?


Most Helpful Guy

  • "Well everything he did and said was perfect!"

    Yeah, that's what I mean. He's saying everything he needs to say, he's doing everything he needs to do. Girls have become so obsessed with words and looks that it's extremely easy for us guys to create a simple formula for getting a girl into bed. IT'S VERY EASY TO DO.

    Call it being a pig or whatever you want to make yourself "feel" better about it. If I see a $50 dollar bill in street, I'm not going to just step over it.

    Stop worrying about how it is he's going to make you feel, because that is meaningless outside of your head, outside of your thoughts. How you feel is what you want, and a relationship isn't built on how you feel about it. A relationship is two people who come together to achieve something they can't on their own. If all you have to offer him that he can't do on his own is sex, and you're giving it up based on a smile and sweet words, then that's all he has to do, and you can't expect him to do anything else. If somebody wants to buy a car from me and he only hands me a $100 bill, and I take it and give him the car, I can't decide later that I was stupid and try to tell him to give me more money later.

    You had sex with him, and he didn't have to do much to get it. He doesn't owe you anything. And he's only going to continue doing what it is that he has to do to get what he wants, and chances are, it's all you're going to ask for. If you wanted to sleep with a guy who sends cute text messages, you got exactly what you wanted.

    Either make a decision to not be used by learning about who people are, and just what they feel like, or stop complaining about being used, because you're not being used.