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Can he just forget about me overnight?

My ex & I lived together for about 7 months. Things were serious between us, he'd been there for me & my family when my dad died, I'd been pregnant &... Show More

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  • Emotions don't have a set script, and we can't know if he's buried his feelings for you in order to have entered the relationship he's now in. But he has entered a serious relationship, from what you say here.

    And it sounds to me like you need to deeply and thoroughly grieve this loss and not prolong the agony or pain by visiting his Facebook page for his status and news updates. To me, it is totally understandable that you are doing this--I think A LOT OF US would do the same thing if in your shoes, but it clearly isn't serving you emotionally or spiritually.

    You ended it with him. He may have thought he could be friends, but realised that this was not possible and that he really needed to move on. So please work toward acceptance of what has happened. And do this by blocking your ability to even see his Facebook page, if you aren't sure you can willingly just stop visiting it. He's entitled to move on, and have happiness, as are you. He gets to post stuff on his Facebook page, as that's what most people do!

    But you going there is, in my view, VERY unhealthy and not good for you, which you also acknowledge. So figure out how to have a week-long if not months-long barrier between his fb page and your eyes. However you can manage it. Stop salting your wound and keeping your heart bleeding sadness and regret. Heal from this and be in better shape for whatever the future holds for you. This pain will ease in time, but going to his fb page over and over will drag this healing process out indefinitely and make your heart more scarred and tight.

    He could have fallen in love. That's the truth of it. And he also might discover down the road that he has some unfinished emotional work to do, by himself, about his past with you. Do your best to not "hope for a future with him", as that, too, will only block your grief and keep you from fully healing. Good luck to you!

    • yes you are right ,visiting his face book page is completely unhealthy,coz I have done this before,i even created a fake account on the dating site where we met ,and talk to him daily,but I just did that to find a reason to hate him ,but it's not true at all.

What Guys Said 7

  • Sorry... you pretty much ruined things or perhaps made it worse. Men are very stubborn creatures. If our ego is damaged, we will not yield. You initiated the breakup. You began talking again with your ex-husband. And now you have to accept the consequences. Now your ex feels he has to prove to you that he's moved on. Sorry, but it's just a very tangled web of frustration and drama. Hopefully you learned a lesson.

  • It's called rebounding. Chances are he's not over you, but he's suppressing his feelings and using this other girl to fill the void. Of course this probably won't last and he'll eventually have to deal with it like you are now.

  • OK so you break up with HIM and then he moves on and you start stalkig him on Facebook?

    He tried to give you a chance to make up by texting you all the time and gave up and found another girl. There's noone to blame but yourself so stop stalking lol

  • Good for him, you are a bitch. At least you are not too much of a slut, it was your ex-husband, but still. Let him be and work with your ex-husband.

    • Seriously?? I mean, REALLY! You know, the reality check from the other responses I can deal with and even appreciate but the insults really just aren't necessary. I truly love my ex and wish nothing but happiness for him, even if it's not going to be with me. I'm just grieving and confused about his actions and wanted a little unbiased insight into what he may be thinking in these regards. Yeah, your answer really provided that...thanks!...lol

    • Glad I helped.

  • Rebound relationships last about a month.. and 90% of them fail. There's no way he's over you at all, unless it's been leading up to it for 4, 5, 6 months (which it doesn't sound like it has been)

    So maybe you said something and he's just trying to "get back" at you for it. I for one have just lost my girlfriend of 2 years and have no idea how to win her back, but even though she's talking and flirting with other guys, I've been told by pretty much everyone that there's no way she's over me... she's just TRYING to get over me by doing this whole... flirting charade.

    Which I think applies to your boyfriend too. He's trying to get over you but that's not how it's going to happen, and pretty soon you could probably be there to help pick up the pieces.

  • Actually, I think he's just working the jealousy thing. He wants you back, but he can't so he's trying to make you jealous so you'll want him back. You f***ed him over and he's not going to give in and let you back unless you swallow your pride to get him back. He was there and he loved you still, but you were done with him because of other sh*t. So, now he's done with you for other sh*t. He would take you back, I'm sure, but not with those same questions and that same bullsh*t.

What Girls Said 2

  • He's not in love with her...He hasn't forgot about you. If he truly loved you, he will always love you to some level. He's probably just confused or trying to ignore his feelings. Now, if he didn't really love you, he hasn't forgotten, it's just easier to put your relationship in the past.

    Honey, go out with your girlfriends. Have fun. Go shopping and pamper yourself. Eventually, you'll feel better.

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