Average relationship timeline?

I know every couple is different, but I'm wondering how it works for other couples, especially with a guy that likes to take things super slow. Some guys I"ve dated never say I Love You, while others say it within two weeks. How long before a certain comfort level sets in? I'm thinking more of a fairly new relationship, but am also curious as to the average time before people move in together, talk kids, etc. I guess I'd just like to get an idea of the basic timeline for taking steps within a relationship with someone.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Well my current relationship, I have been madly in love with this guy since December 07, and we dated for a little bit but it just was not the right time, so we are re trying seeing my feelings for him just got worst with other guys. So We kissed before we dated. I told I loved him after 4 months of dating, and I re told him I loved him ummm 4 days after we started dating again, and he looked in my eyes and said it back, like he did not even think , so yeah its like we picked up our old relationship with age to guide us. ITS Wonder ful,

    But I try to keep this timeline, First date in the first month, and just doing what feels right. Not letting the guy have all the control, but letting him lead til he gets to my comfort zone. There is no set time between the first kiss and the last... its just how people feel towards each other really. Like right now me and my guy Are trying to figure out how long we should say we have been dating. Seeing we never stoped acting like we were and most people just assumed we were.

    But don;t say I love you because he said it, explain to him you aren't ready for it. Most guys will understand and if he does not then he does not love you.

    And do that with everything, if giving him a handjob freaks you out tell him that... talk to him, my longest relationships have lasted because we talked. That's what I think makes the relationship is at the end of everything you never stopped truly talking and being honest.

    I am the one who normally Shut off the talking part when I get scared of what is going on, and soon after that the relationship dies. So Communicate and Compromise and Compassion ... The three C's in my book :) I hoped this helped