Using "haha" a lot...what does it mean?

So there's this one girl I talk allot every text she has a "haha" in there somewhere. Is she being flirty? I don't really know why girls really use it that much.


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  • It's less about being flirty and more about not really knowing how to's like saying lol or some other one-worded response


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  • I say "haha" all the time when texting or on Facebook or something. I wouldn't say it's a way of being flirty, just kinda something I naturally type when I think somethings funny..

  • Some people just say ha ha with everything. And its just to show she's teasing.

  • no not flirty, just to fill in the space

    i use lol at lot and that's definitely not a flirty thing

  • I say "haha" a lot when I'm bored or have nothing really to say. It could be that she thinks you're really funny but I doubt that if she says "haha" everytime.


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  • Well I feel like if they like you, they are more likely to laugh at the things you say. But I have a lot of friends that are girls and a lot of them say ha ha in almost every text too so I dunno. I guess it just depends on the girl and how funny you are.

  • i dnt know dude , I m confused abt gals too