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Why can't the pretty girl find love in a sea of men?

There is so much that I don't understand about the way guys think. I'm far from conceited but why don't guys want to fall in love with the pretty... Show More

BTW, I have a good personality,.. I just don't understand why guys ignore it!

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  • omg same f***ing here! I feel like a piece of meat and used! I always think okay this guy really likes me but then nope. My last guy was obsessed with my looks, body, everything outer than inner. But he never would compliment me personality wise...like he would say I am cute but I was pretty easy to forget about. I don't know how to find someone that will treat me like a legit person.

    • Keep lookin' there are a few good ones left.

    • WOW! that is exactly how I feel all the time :(

      I hate how I fall for people so easily.. but it's just so hard to stop. I thought I just wasn't gonna date for a long time. But when someone that I think is "special" comes along I give them my all.. do everything that I think is right.

      I want someone to actually try to get to know everything about me. and someone who isn't pretending to care!

    • I want someone to be straight up with me like don't let me make a fool of myself or get myself hurt. I would personally feel like a bitch if I just did that to some guy like I don't get it.

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  • Obvious troll is obvious.

  • you could stop being a misandrist. might help. also, you're in high school.

  • because for a guy to stick around it takes more than just looks

    • Well yes, I know this. but I have a good personality. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. why can't a guy look at me as a real person, and not just a piece of meat?

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    • i know that's all they want because they show no interest in my personality, they don't try to get to know me, they just look at me as if I'm a piece of meat, and talk about hanging at their house, the least they could do is take me to a movie! so of course I'm not gonna have sex with them.. I have to be good friends with a guy if I want a good relationship but it's so hard to find a guy that's just chill with being friends

    • Once again, you don't know, I have sex with women in the first three dates of meeting them and never take a girl out to the movies before then and many times I have ended in a relationship with these women, sometimes for years or longer, pretty much all guys want sex so you really don't know if what you are saying is true, like I said, do the experiment first then get back to me

  • Not all dudes are like this. I mean I can only speak for myself in this case. I love pretty girls although I will find her look attractive at first but as I get to know her I'll like her for her.

  • I could as the same thing tbh :/

  • Maybe your problem isn't with them but with you...lay off the clinique and the tight "form fitting" clothes or the revealing skirts or v-necks...stop using makeup altogether. And maybe next time you speak take a stand on intellectual points. Start to SHOW that they should have something else to be attracted to, and they will be. Ill tell you I have dated some of the most beautiful women in the world, one was tenth place for Miss China...looks will only get you in the door...its not good enough...sure I might let a girl get with me if she were beautiful...but if she has no personality or compatibility...i don't care HOW pretty she is...i'll leave her and find someone who I can talk to and have a real relationship with. So if guys keep flirting...and then...just walking away...well...the problem isn't them. You need to look at what YOU talk about...how many times in your question DID YOU bring up your looks? Geez...its like your central pre-occupation...and really...pretty or not...that sh*twould get annoying quick.

  • Are you around Gays? :P...

    Because guys won't leave a girl like you :)

    • hahaha, oh thank you! but yes. they will. and have mannnnyy times.. lol

  • It's beauty that captures your attention; personality which captures your heart

    • Well yes, I know this. but I have a good personality. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. why can't a guy look at me as a real person, and not just a piece of meat?

    • Probably because you're under 18 and at that age no guy wants any real commitment. Sometimes its better to look at problems from a 3rd person point of view. If guys you keep on dating are only looking for your body and you continually date them it will not only hurt you on an emotional level but people around you will look at you as a slut/whore.

  • The fact that you emphasize so much on your own prettiness is exactly why it seems you're asking for just sex. The moment you stop giving a f**k about your looks and come across as a natural, guys will show you more respect. And then, only the guy who really thinks he'll be able to commit a long relationship with you will ask you out.

    The trick is to not getting carried away with guys boasting your prettiness. Without being bi*chy, saying a thank you is enough. I think only time will make this thing go away.

  • From look at how you look, you won't find it.EVER.

    Your a pretty girl that means all the Good guys who would treat you right, you are not interested in them.And even if you find one, you will most likely screw them over for someone else due to the fact you have a line of men wanting to hook. You will ditch the good guy if you even got that far to give him a chance for an a**hole. And will continue the cycle hurting one guy after another as well as yourself because your too dumb to realize it.You will log onto websites and ask why is life so unfair because you can't find a man because you have so many to choose from. And once your in your late 20s or 30s and your looks fade you will make up the excuse that you needed to "grow" up to hide the fact that you were just selfish because so many woman wanted to be the the guys that you turned into jerks by hurting them.

    You will find some guy who has everything and magically be happy while most of us are miserable because its so hard being attractive in a world based on looks.

    - Come back to this page when you get married and you will be like " holy sh*t he was right the whole time!"

  • because its so easy to act when you want it so desperatly. first of all a man likes a girl with his head, loves a girl with his heart, and lusts a girl with his d***. you are the object of lust, sorry to tell you but from your profile picture you don't look like girlfriend material. I'm giving my personal opinion but I like a gorl that's small and innocent looking no offense but you look like your from jersy and ill admit your pretty hot ... (that was my d*** talking by the way). plus by the way the fact thst you said you have a good personality almost made me cry, you can't have a good persnality, you probably have no perso ality because you are and high school and are still figurung out who you are plus uve been played with by sme guys and are trying to figure out how t act in front of them. you got to be u. if your a stuvk up bitvh then be that bitch and someone will like u. I've seen a lot of feminine guys with a lot of tough women... anyways just stop tryin to have a good personaloty and try to meet someone you actually like

  • Because pretty women are a trophy to be won and lost, (or thrown away when it's no longer useful). Sometimes guys are even intimidated by gorgeous women. They doubt themselves and their confidence drops along with the woman's interest. Try looking for the guy who you only catch glancing at you. They will be much more devoted to you if you can give them the chance. Make a move yourself, this is the 21st century. Women want equality, but don't want the rejection that comes with it. Well guess what, neither do the men. I'm willing to bet that if you give a guy that you think watches you a lot but always looks away when you turn to look at him a chance, you'll like what you'll find.

  • your hanging around the wrong guys that's all I gotta say. I don't know too many guys that all they want is sex and nothing else.

    • maybe you dress in a provacative way... change that

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    • Thats true :PP haha

    • Solution: leave those guys alone...

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  • Hey girl, stop looking. The minute you do is when they come. Yea, a lot of guys just want sex but at least your not like most girls and won't settle for that. Based on what you say, you have a lot of admirers. Plus if you keep assuming that all guys are the same, you end up being close minded. Just do you, and let them admire you. Focus on you, your friends and your life. TRUST me there are good guys out there, sometimes it just takes time for them to come out. =)

  • The sea you have been swimming in has been full of horny male sharks...get out while you can!

    But really, there are really nice guys out there who actually care about personality. Don't let a few stupid guys ruin your view of guys.

  • OMG girl I feel the same way! You are not alone!

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