Why can't the pretty girl find love in a sea of men?

There is so much that I don't understand about the way guys think. I'm far from conceited but why don't guys want to fall in love with the pretty girl? I get compliments all the time from guys.. all on my looks. They always ask why I'm single.. I just want to say "I"M SINGLE BECAUSE ALL YOU WANT TO DO IS HAVE SEX ME" guys really don't give a @#!*% about anything else. why is that? why do they take so much time to PRETEND to care about you? why do I fall for it every time? why can't a pretty girl find someone who loves her for her. and not her looks?

BTW, I have a good personality,.. I just don't understand why guys ignore it!


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  • omg same f***ing here! I feel like a piece of meat and used! I always think okay this guy really likes me but then nope. My last guy was obsessed with my looks, body, everything outer than inner. But he never would compliment me personality wise...like he would say I am cute but I was pretty easy to forget about. I don't know how to find someone that will treat me like a legit person.

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      Keep lookin' there are a few good ones left.

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      WOW! that is exactly how I feel all the time :(

      I hate how I fall for people so easily.. but it's just so hard to stop. I thought I just wasn't gonna date for a long time. But when someone that I think is "special" comes along I give them my all.. do everything that I think is right.

      I want someone to actually try to get to know everything about me. and someone who isn't pretending to care!

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      I want someone to be straight up with me like don't let me make a fool of myself or get myself hurt. I would personally feel like a bitch if I just did that to some guy like I don't get it.