Why are some guys pushy about getting in a relationship?

Some guys want to jump into a relationship so fast. Why is that?


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  • Because some guys Don't know how good single life can be? lol they're crazy.. No, but seriously, some just don't like being single, some just need someone there for them all the time, or he may really like you and afraid if he doesn't make his move he might lose you to someone else.


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  • Some guys have become used to having someone, and when they don't have someone currently, sometimes they are the type to want to hurry into another relationship so they can have someone again.

    • But is it possible they'd even force acting liek they're in love just to be in that?

  • I think there are two reasons a guy want to jump into a relationship. 1. alone and tired of being single, wants a relationship. 2. he really likes you and wants to tie you down to relationship. your problem is to figure out what he wants. 2 is a compliment if you like him. 1 could be a mistake.

    • With guy number 1 though, is it possible he can force acting like he's in love just so he's not single anymore?

  • They are needy... or they like you a lot.


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