Why don't women like wearing pantyhose?

I thought I'd throw this out there for all of you women. I saw a feature on on of the morning news shows that said women are not wearing pantyhose to work and formal events as in the past, and pantyhose wear is declining overall. I found this piece to be interesting, since men of my generation grew up admiring hose on women's legs. Please share your views on this subject ladies?


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  • I have to regularly interview women for office jobs. These days, the interviewees rarely wear pantyhose. This is a shame, because bare legs lack the elegance of legs in pantyhose. All the imperfections show, the color is variable and they lack smoothness and shape. Somehow, women seem to have got the impression that going barelegged is sexier. IT'S NOT!! Call me a chauvinist if you want, but the women who take the trouble to wear pantyhose go to the top of the jobs list. Sorry ladies, if that's not what you wanted to hear...

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      Of course we didn't want to hear that. Men have imperfect legs too, but do they wear pantyhose to impress anyone? No. And eventually, those hose are gonna come off, and you still have imperfections anyway.

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      My clients all put "must be smartly dressed" in the criteria for the job. If I think a candidate is suitable for the post, I get my assistant Sarah to explain the dress code. 99% are fine about it and dress accordingly. If not, I have to find someone else

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      Men have imperfect legs too, however, they generally don't go bare legged into work much. Ever see a professional guy wearing a nice button down shirt & tie... wearing shorts and shoes with no socks?
      Most people, women included, would think that is inappropriate for the workplace... not to mention, looks terrible.
      Hosiery for women completes the outfit, and has come a very long way since the 80's.
      Forget the drugstore brands, give Commando or Blanqi hosier a try. You will simply be amazed at how comfortable they are. Let's face it, unless you wear flip flops & shorts all day everyday, we all dress to impress to a certain degree. You'll get far more complements while wearing nicer hosier. Guaranteed.