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Why don't women like wearing pantyhose?

I thought I'd throw this out there for all of you women. I saw a feature on on of the morning news shows that said women are not wearing pantyhose to... Show More

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  • I have to regularly interview women for office jobs. These days, the interviewees rarely wear pantyhose. This is a shame, because bare legs lack the elegance of legs in pantyhose. All the imperfections show, the color is variable and they lack smoothness and shape. Somehow, women seem to have got the impression that going barelegged is sexier. IT'S NOT!! Call me a chauvinist if you want, but the women who take the trouble to wear pantyhose go to the top of the jobs list. Sorry ladies, if that's not what you wanted to hear...

    • Of course we didn't want to hear that. Men have imperfect legs too, but do they wear pantyhose to impress anyone? No. And eventually, those hose are gonna come off, and you still have imperfections anyway.

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    • I don't really think bare legs are the best option for certain business settings, but I really hope you are judging these female interviewees on more than their attire.

    • My clients all put "must be smartly dressed" in the criteria for the job. If I think a candidate is suitable for the post, I get my assistant Sarah to explain the dress code. 99% are fine about it and dress accordingly. If not, I have to find someone else

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  • They itch, and are not fun to wear.

  • They are horrible! I don't mind thigh hose but pantyhose are bad.

  • Argh I HATE the word pantyhose! They're tights ok!? But anyway. I always wear tights, I have horrible legs which have stretch marks and varicose veins (even at my age - I'm only 16 in 2 months! ) But I think that if you don't have to wear them, then why bother? X

  • They are horribly itchy. They snag and run before you have them on sometimes and I think on average last about 1 wear, which is pricey since they cost like $10 a piece. Sure they look nice, but a lot of younger women these days would rather go bare-legged (also sexy and a lot less constrictive/itchy) on casual occasions. Also, there's probably a whole lot of women who wear PANTS to work! I think the garterbelt and thigh hose are kinda sexy and fun, but I can't think of anything good about pantyhose. So unless it is an occasion for which they are really required, I'd rather pass.

    • Try Leggs Sheer Energy, as long as you use hair spray on them and put lotion on your legs b4 putting them on you will get at least a half a dozen wears out of them. Plus they look and feel very sexy on your legs :)

  • They irritate my legs. But I still wear them when I get dressed up.

  • 1) They're uncomfortable. Have YOU ever tried them? 2) When they rip or snag (which they do CONSTANTLY) it triggers PMS. I'm serious. 3) My legs are sexy enough without them, thanks. 4) The best reason: there is a revolution of women who could care less what men think about their legs, and are above doing something uncomfortable to themselves just because "men like it. " *GASP* Hope that helps. =)

    • I don't think they are "Uncomfortable" or "Horrible". I wear pantyhose everyday no matter what the weather. In the summer I wear them with shorts. In the winter with slacks & skirts sometimes shorts if the weather is a bit warmer. Makeup for the legs!

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    • Are you a Lesbian ?

    • Sweetie try Leggs Sheer Energy, they look and feel awesome on your legs. Plus if you want something from your man try wearing them when you ask him for it and you will most likely get it :)

  • Because if you don't shave often and well, they grab your little leg hairs and pull them (I rarely shave, since I'm very blonde and you can't really see or feel the hair - it's very nice and handy, except when hose are involved). It's very painful. Also, they'll get a run if you just look at them the wrong way, and you never have clear nail polish on you when they do, or you do have it and you walk around smelling like fresh nail polish for the rest of the day and they're glued to your leg. And if you want to stay warm, tights are better anyway. And, with the advent of the tanning salon, fewer women have blindingly white legs. And pants are generally more comfortable, anyway. :P

  • I don't wear pantyhose everyday, but I do every chance I get. I really love the way they make my legs feel and look. My legs are sexy without them and I always tan real easy in the sun. My friends always ask me why I wear them so much when my legs are as tanned as they are but I just tell them I like my legs with pantyhose on them. Both guys and girls look at me when I wear them and I'm always the first to get asked for a dance when I go out with my girlfriends and I never have to pay for a drink when we goto a bar. As for them being uncomfy, girls try Leggs Sheer Energy, they feel really great and look very sexy on your legs. Suntan and coffee are the sexiest colors in my opinion, and they are around 4 dollars a pair. Also, as long as you use hair spray on them and put lotion on your legs b4 wearing them you will get about a half a dozen wears out of them. So there now girls, you have no excuse for not wearing them. Legs Sheer Energy offers comfort at a very affordable price :)

  • I've just gotten done reading these comments.. And I almost laughed. That being put aside, the reasons I don't (CAN'T) wear them is because.. I'm always cold, and I only wear dress pants or uniform-looking outfits, so pantyhoes look silly on me. My mother also said that I'm not getting stockings anymore. ^.^; I kinda ripped up the others for a costume. But, those are the only reason I don't have any to wear. If I had some skirts.. Like I wanted for my birthday.. I'd 'borrow' some hoes from my church friend. Lmao. But, really, I don't think girls know guys like classy. Like, at all. All I've seen on the tele is skinny girls that bounce around with huge boobs (that can't be real) and short shorts. If one were to see a classy looking lady, she's abit old and sometimes (if she isn't 'old') Altman heavy. Girls my age are getting dumber and dumber because we listen to what commercials say about what guys love instead of asking them straight up. We act like sluts and are willing to put out because we think guys actually mean 'ii love you' while they're looking at us nakie. Lmao. Sorry if I was ranting.. But, I love pantyhose/stockings/tights to death. They make me feel even more like a kid. >D Peace and Love, STMP.S: ..I hope I made sence..

  • The are uncomfortable.They are a pain in the ass.That's all there really is to it.I've never worn stockings because I thought to myself "Ooooh! Stockings I love those!". Girls typically wear them to look either sexy or professional. Which one they look depends on how the stocking are worn. (Also, stockings were pretty much invented for men to enjoy, not for women to like as far as I can tell.)

  • I think one of the factors that determine whether you wear tights or not is whether you live in a cold or warm climate. Still some great fashion choices though

  • Hose are the finalizing touch on a womans outfit just as a man wears a tie. It just makes you look classier. I love hose and wear them at least five days a week. The good old days-80's-was the last hoorah for pantyhose. A big drop during the 90's hurt many companies but in the last 2-3 years there has been a slim come back.

    • I can't wear a mini skirt and high heels without wearing pantyhose. I don't care if they are not in fashion, I love my pantyhose and will always wear them.

  • You guys may think it looks good, but they are kinda old fashion...they're not really in style. Plus you have to know how to wear them and not look like a 50 year old/ not look sluty. You have to be really careful how you dress them...I am very interested in fashion and I only see older women wearing them, plus they wear them with open toe shoes( not cute)...There, hope my advice helped...:)

  • First of all they are very itchysecond they're uncomfortablethird they look very slutty. And maybe it depends and the ladies who wear them.

  • They're uncomfortable, inconvenient, and plain out not attractive. I'll wear fishnets, but that's a different story.

  • I don't know why this is such a big deal. I wear pantyhose regularly, and it doesn't bother me at all. In fact, I like the silky smooth feeling of brands like Sheer Energy, which makes my already sexy legs look sexier. I also enjoy wearing "do me" heels. What's wrong with that, gals? For those of you all pissed off at the guys for looking at our legs, get over it. We were created to be looked at, desired, and enjoyed by the other sex, and, I make no apologies for enjoying all of that as well. If you don't like it, go have an addadi*ktomy, and take a chill pill ;)

    • NICE...where do you live? I wish there were more women like you in my area!

    • You go girl, I think we are among a very small minority that loves to wear pantyhose.

  • Soooo uncomfortable blech! lol-They rip if you aren't sooo carefull while you have them on..-A lot more to deal with when you go to the bathroom lol (yeah no lie)-usually 1 time use things they rip so much and so often tha after one time of wearing them, you usually have to throw them away...So that means wasting more money on those dumb things lol-Hmm..yeah I agree they can make your legs look better..but for me, its not worth it...and if you didn't shave directly before you put them on the hairs come through it and its icky feeling and weird lol haha-And actually they usually fall down with all the bending down and moving around you do so that make them more of a pain..And REMEMBER, back then, they Ironed all their clothes, rolled their hair, and everything else, this is the new Milenium..even pants for guys and girls come already ripped..so yeah..not as perfect as back then haha Sorry for going on and on..I don't feel THAT strongly but though I would say anyhow lol :)

  • I guess it's just a pain in the butt putting it on, taking it off. It's one more item of laundry to do. If you don't need it why use it? Not to mention I live in Australia where in summer you'd want to wear as little as possible, believe me.it gets that hot.And also I think if I'm sitting next to a guy I like and our bare legs are touching.I'd like to feel that and not feel it only through the pantyhose. And my guess is he'd rather feel my bare leg against his rather than pantyhose?

    • Pantyhose on Pantyhose feels great.

    • You're not being asked to wear pantyhose on a date--why are you concerned about turning a guy on at work?

    • Yeah my bad, I just re read the question (it was awhile ago!) and realised the question asker said at work and formal events. It doesn't bother me much if I'm expected to wear it at work or to formal events, if it's expected of me I'll do it. But if I'm just going out to dinner with a guy or with friends, I probably wouldn't wear it.

  • I wear them, but only when I am dressed up for church or something and wearing a dress.

  • They're hella uncomfortable.

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  • Because it can promote infections

  • I have to agree... it is really too bad that women don't like wearing them that much. I have to admit, when I see a women wearing pantyhose or stockings, it's an instant turn-on. Almost to the point where it's difficult to stop looking. Well-tanned or toned legs look good in general, but stockings just bring it to a whole new level. I hear from women generally they like thigh-high stockings better instead, just because they're softer, less restrictive when they go to the bathroom, and if they get a run in one of them, they don't have to throw both of them out. From a health standpoint, pantyhose don't really allow a woman to breathe downstairs, so it can also be a nuisance from being more prone to yeast infections, stuff like that. Not to mention the other things like being itchy and wanting to scratch their legs to death too, especially a couple days after shaving.How do I know all this? My fiance told me, and I actually listened because she has awesome legs, but she has a lot of the hangups with pantyhose... she likes wearing thigh-high stockings instead when she wears skirts and heels out somewhere. It's cool by me, because as she put it, it helps to have a little "easier access" at the end of the night, if you know what I mean.

  • Welcome to the 21st Century. Women don't care about looking good for men anymore. And thanks to the media, many would rather put their effort into being as skinny as possible. They will barf out their pizza and starve themselves (in a day and age where hunger was supposed to be a thing of the past) just to be skinny like an adolescent.The irony is that women follow other fashions are really uncomfortable like hauling those luggage cases instead back-packs for carrying around books. How idiotic, those women must endure a lot of back and shoudler pain.But both sexes IMO are looking worse than ever in modern times. Seriously. Go to any school or college campus and see drones of men wearing running shoes and poor fitting, overly casual clothing . Anyways, elegance is dead on this side of the hemisphere. It'll die in other parts of the world as people see looking like dog sh*t (AKA "casual") as a symbol of democracy and freedom.

    • Could not have said it better myself...............thank you, Sir.

  • Itchy? I've worn pantyhose about everyday for years and the only time they itched was when I had stubble,hair or cheap grocery store/ walmart pantyhose. Now I will agree some can be binding and uncomfy. Mostly the control top squeeze the life out of you try some light control top or none. It's time to splurge a little on your pantyhose I know they are expensive but well worth it most likely you won't hate them at the end of the day. Take a look at shapings.com they have a wonderful selection of fine hosiery some outrageous some comparable to hanes or victorias but superseeds the quality ,feel and fit. In my opinion they are the most feminine article of clothing a woman can slip into. You can't justify an argument on how uncomfy they are when you will say tights and fishnets are ok. Now those are uncomfy. Sheer pantyhose are just way out of style for everyday wear. Just like when they were "in" you rarely saw women without! They complete most outfits.

  • It's all about what's "instyle". I mean a lot of womens clothes and shoes are uncomfortable, but style dictates what a lot of women would wear. Jeans, t-shirts and flip flops are popular and more comfy. I hear women say they are itchy well just buy a nice pair and you won't have that problem. No grocery store or wal-mart pantyhose. Anyways thanks for listening.

  • Its a shame. I think women look fantastic in pantyhose! They should wear them more often without a doubt. I wish it was still in the 80's when women wore them every day.

    • And also the 70's and late 60's too! Women looked great in them!

  • I hear you. I love to see pantyhose on a woman's legs. For some reason, I especially like it when she wears nice shoes (heels or flats) with jeans and I can see she's wearing hose. Just knowing she has hose on under the jeans is a turn-on.To go a little further, when I watch old movies where the women wear the old reinforced heel and toe stockings (example: link I think what a great time it must have been (except for the war).These items are totally feminine, I can't stand how many women today seem to dress like guys. They wear sneakers, athletic socks, dirty/holey jeans and a t-shirt or sweatshirt. Oh well!