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Why is he such a jerk?

So there is this guy and he is a complete jerk to me. Some of the things that he does; he will fault out tell me whatever I say is stupid, if I look... Show More

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  • This guy totally likes you! He seems like he is immature and does not know how to tell you. And believe me, guys will be like this till they are 35! I have an issue with one right now. When a guy likes a girl , he will pretend like he doesn't like her to protect his ego. He will tease you, act mean to you, but that's just to hide his insecurities.

    This guy is very into you. Now, the question is, do you like him?

    • But it makes me wonder because he is after this other girl lately so but is still acting the same way as before so what does that mean? Are you sure that he likes me because the way that he acts makes no sense to me at all and I don't even know what to think, god the mind games? And I don't know your question of do I like him is so hard, I really like him when he is being sweet but the rest of the time we don't get along I don't know just don't know what to do at all.... any advice? And thanks so much for your help!

    • Just continue to play cool. Don't be too available for him. If he texts you, make him wait a day and then text him back. If he calls you, don't answer right away. You have to make him wonder about what you are doing, so that way you are always on his mind. Remember this always--guys love the chase! Don't tell him you like him, because then he will really love playing the games with you. If he says something mean to you again, ignore him--guys hate when they are not noticed! Hope this helps!

    • Thanks again!

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