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Why was my date such a jerk?

Ok I was on a date with this nice guy. Average looking, middle of the road type guy with an everyday run of the mill job. Everything was going fine until this big guy walks in. I could tell he was the alpha male because other men wouldn't make eye contact. He spots me looking at him and walks confidently over and announces he's just got out of prison for armed robbery and wants a woman right now.

Obviously as a woman this confident bad boy immediately cranked up my whoremone levels. I also knew from reading stuff on GAG about guy code and knew I couldn't embarrass my date by not submitting to this alpha males advances.

I told my date to watch my drink and handbag and disappeared into the gents toilet to take a non stop merciless pounding, the kind where your feet barely touch the ground and the cold toilet wall scratches your back.

BUT when I got back my date was gone, he had just left my dead drink and handbag on the table for anyone to steal. That's the problem with nice guys, they're all fucking unreliable jerks.
Why was my date such a jerk?
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