What does it mean if a guy randomly says you you will be a good wife and mother?

Does it mean he likes me? I wasn't fishing for a compliment or anything, he just said it randomly.


Most Helpful Girl

  • it means that you have qualities that would lead one to believe you would be a good wife and mother lmao

    like possibly: caring, kindness, good cook, calm and kind spirit, understanding, loving, affectionate, sweet, resourceful, neat and tidy, responsible, supportive.

    its a pretty high compliment actually. he might like you, I'd be surprised if he didn't. if a guy says something like this to you, then he's not looking at you in the "girl I wanna hump and dump" category, if he does like you he probably would take you very seriously. get to know him and spend more time around him if you wanna see if he likes you for real