Help..What do I do? My boyfriend told me he masterbated to other girls.

So iv been with my guy for about 2 years now. But it was 4 months ago that he told me that he was thinking of other woman while he was masturbating.I was hysterical and super upset when he told me this. Plus these are even people I know. It really hurt , but I'm sure it would hurt anyone after being with him for 2 yrs. so its been 4 months after I found out now . and we were off and on , but I don't really think it was permanent. I know if I didn't love him as much as I do id be gone. He tells me how wrong he knows it was and that he would never mess up like that again. He is also telling me how much he loves me , its obvious he wanted his cake an to eat it too. So my problem is getting through knowing what he did and now my insecurity.?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I know that this seems like something to be upset about. For you, it is seen as a precursor to him cheating on you.

    However, for guys this is very normal. Very, very normal. He doesn't love you any less, he doesn't think the grass is greener, and he doesn't wish you were someone else. Gratification is similar to sex, but it's not sex. That's important part to remember. As men, we can always see a woman who is physically appealing. Maybe it's how she fits into her clothes, maybe it's her understated make up, maybe it's her build. Either way, this is all visual stuff that we find appealing, on many girls.

    But, while we see many girls as physically appealing, most of us only find one who is attractive to us. That being that she is physically and mentally appealing. She's able to think and she clicks with us in thought. That is what's important in the end. So, let your guy play out his fantasies, and realize that no one else knows him like you do. Clearly he wants to tell you everything about him, which should be a major clue that this guy really only has eyes for you.