My boss keeps staring at me what does this mean?

My boss and I aren't close like friends but he likes to stare at me a lot I try to be friendly with him but he doesn't want to get close but with others he tells them what he does on weekends and stuff but with me he won't, I have caught him looking at my breasts he sat right next to me and stared at my breasts, not that it bothers me he is a man after all, and I'm not an attention seeker either. But I can't understand why he won't engage in conversation with me yet he does with others, there's been other times where he would stare into my eyes for a long time before he says anything so I just stare back the same way, there was another time when we had a meeting he just stared at me through out the entire meeting I didn't know what to think does he dislike me I don't know


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  • Unless one of you are married or otherwise involved with someone, I would say it is cause you work together and mainly cause he is your boss. I know this because I am in a similar situation but mine is in the advanced flirting stages beyond just staring at someone. In my case, the guy is not my direct boss, but rather an executive over our whole group. The policy at my job, and I believe this is the case at many places, that you cannot have a personal relationship with someone in your dept...especially a manager / non-manager scenario. It makes sense because if things DONT work out, then if one party gets mad, then the cover is blown and in regard to HR I would say usually the guy and/or someone in management would get in trouble and have a lot more to lose. In my case, which may or may not be the same as yours, the guy knows I like him and I know he likes me...this guy flirts with me, tries to be around me, will find a reason to talk to me, and a lot of our interactions of staring - smiling - waving - blushing at each other are done away from the view of others. At times he seems frustrated, because I think he wants to cross the line but may be weighing the risks. The way I look at it though, is that I'd have no problem changing jobs (duie to my position and field), whereas his job is more of a career...but we haven't got to the point of having such talks yet. I hope this helps you with your situation.

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      This I guess maybe one of the surest signs that your boss doesn't want you in his team.. Why be a jerk to your female colleagues?
      Something similar happened to me, my boss did stare at my chest but what made it worse was there was another male colleague in the meeting longest meeting of my life, never felt like a piece of meat before I couldnt help but break down in the toilets after the meeting. I think I was in there for almost 20 minutes crying my eyes out, this was the first time it was happening to me by someone i looked up too somuch. I literally put him on a pedestal.

      I still can't bring myself to talk about it, apart of me doesn't want to believe he can be that shallow another part of me wants to preserve the good image i had of him. He was like a dad to me after i moved to a new country. I can't event talk to my friends about the incident because it would be so embarrassing for me at least and for the man i put on a pedestal. I asked my self this question somany times after he did it again and concluded he simply didn't want me in his team. No woman wants to be belittled in such amanner and dont blame it on a moment of weakness, a person in leadership should be bigger than this.
      I dont hate him but i also prefer to avoid personal meetings with him, i never want to feel the way he made me feel.
      Hard truth luv