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Should a teacher date a former student?

I am 20, and the teacher is 30. Do you think that it is weird for us to date? Feel free to explain why you feel the way you do.

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  • Okay, I voted yes, to the title question. But the question in the writing is the opposite, which do you mean for the poll. Anyways, if you are not his student anymore, especially beings you have been out of high school for 2 years now, I would say that it is alright. If it had been right out of high school that may have been a little tougher. Age doesn't matter when it comes to feeling and the fact that he used to be your teacher doesn't change that.

    • I voted "NO" because I interpreted it as the title question.I saw just the title question and poll choices while I was answering another question.And yes, something IS wrong with this pictureFirst of all, the difference between 20 and 30 is STILL a big dealBeing a former student of him makes it worse.The police made a song about this actually

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    • Yeah, but you're 26 so it's less of a deal26 and 36 is not too badOn my end, I'm 22 22 and 12 is really, really illegal in just about every country you've heard ofIf you elect to use the half +7 rulethe youngest a 30 year-old should date is 22And anyway, anybody that knows her to be one of his (former) students can make a complaint and cause him all kinds of hell. There are more things wrong with this scenario then there are right.

    • Okay, I'm sorry, I guess I didn't mean to let on that I thought 12 and 22 was okay, because I don't think that is. But I think once you pass 18, you are an adult, and it's only your call how much older than you you want to date.

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What Guys Said 7

  • If you both can deal with the general muttering when people discover how you met, then go for it.

  • That is pretty nastyDid he like you when you were his student?The age difference is too much, as well.How old were you guys when you "met"? 15 and 25?Ms. Jackson, if you're nastyAnd anyway, it's too late to change your grades!

    • We were 14 and 24. no he didn't like me like that when I was a student. nothing happened between us until a year after I graduated hs.

    • Don't standdon't stand sodon't stand so close to me!

  • He was 24 when you met, And if he had an interest in you a year after graduation then he had an interest in you when you were 14. There is a fine line here that is going to be crossed if it hasn't already, but he could take some serious heat for this and potentially loose his job.

  • Go ahead if it feels right.I remember one of my teachers were 24 and all the girls in his class basically liked him, all the girls were 17 year olds. Too bad for the girls, this teacher had a girlfriend that was a total babe and 21.

  • Hah, the only reason I say yes is because my parents met like that... If you can get over the student-teacher relationship, you'll probably be fine.

  • student teacher dating relationships are not good, cause they wind up getting sued on occasion, the girl claiming he sexually abused her

  • If you are no longer in a student-teacher relationship then it should be fine. There is a bit of an age gap there, but as long as there's some commonality for attraction then enjoy.

What Girls Said 13

  • It would just feel weird to date someone who I used to see as an authority figure or whatever.

  • I don't think its weird for y'all to date and I definitely don't think the age difference is a problem

  • Well I would say yes but there is a big age difference

  • i think you should go for it. you really can't help who you are attracted to. there's nothing holding you back..have fun take chances = )

  • girl.. I say go for it... your not his student anymore... so what's stopping you.. 10 years... if demi and ashton can do it... so can you... there's 6 years between me and my boy... if it makes you happy... go for it!

    • The difference here is that they met when she was 14 and he was 24!And, Demi Moore wasn't in a position of authority over Ashton

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    • Yes, 10 years IS a big difference, even at 20 and 30.Even though he isn't an authority figure ANYMORE, the creeper factor is still there.

    • Ok if you say so.... hun 10 years isn't really that big of a deal... I say that cause my guy is 6 years older than me... and we have a kid together... so if its what going to make you happy... go for it!!!

  • IDK I would if I was in love

  • I've got to answer again, I know it's a month later but it seems like people are forgetting that really young girls are actually starting to go out with old men... I don't see a problem with this because it is their choice and if they are happy then fine. Age should not be a concern in this case.

  • The age difference does not seem to be a big deal, so no. Go for it.

  • i don't think I could get over that teacher/student relationship so I voted no

  • I agree with the other answers. There isn't much point in me repeating what was said... but I don't think the age gap is really that big a difference. I look at it this way... as long as the person isn't old enough to be your parent then go for it lol - but then again even then it doesn't always mean the age gap is that extreme...

  • There are people who would find it weird but if you don't it shouldn't be a problem. I'm in a similar situation myself :)

  • i think that as long as he's not your teacher now, that its fine to date him.

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