Should a teacher date a former student?

I am 20, and the teacher is 30. Do you think that it is weird for us to date? Feel free to explain why you feel the way you do.

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  • Okay, I voted yes, to the title question. But the question in the writing is the opposite, which do you mean for the poll. Anyways, if you are not his student anymore, especially beings you have been out of high school for 2 years now, I would say that it is alright. If it had been right out of high school that may have been a little tougher. Age doesn't matter when it comes to feeling and the fact that he used to be your teacher doesn't change that.

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      I voted "NO" because I interpreted it as the title question.

      I saw just the title question and poll choices while I was answering another question.

      And yes, something IS wrong with this picture

      First of all, the difference between 20 and 30 is STILL a big deal

      Being a former student of him makes it worse.

      The police made a song about this actually

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      Yeah, but you're 26 so it's less of a deal

      26 and 36 is not too bad

      On my end, I'm 22

      22 and 12 is really, really illegal in just about every country you've heard of

      If you elect to use the half +7 rule

      the youngest a 30 year-old should date is 22

      And anyway, anybody that knows her to be one of his (former) students can make a complaint and cause him all kinds of hell. There are more things wrong with this scenario then there are right.

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      Okay, I'm sorry, I guess I didn't mean to let on that I thought 12 and 22 was okay, because I don't think that is. But I think once you pass 18, you are an adult, and it's only your call how much older than you you want to date.