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My boss wants to date me. I don't! what should I do?

So last week I was at work and my boss (who's 29) keep starting up sexual conversations or ones suggesting that we should date. And when I was... Show More

But none of this stuff has happened before it's like weird because he just started like now before it was like he wasn't interested at all but I remember when I was hired he called me back with in a hour of leaving the store. I'm paid under the counter.
tonight my boss called & said I love you baby I think he has the wrong idea. and 2bh I really don't know why. I didn't flirt with him the closet to "flirting" was probably saying no to if I had a boyfriend when he asked, is that flirting? but I'm quitting
not sexual like Oh I want to have sex with you but like "are you a virgin?" and questions like that.

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  • Based on what you send about your boss, he does sound kind of creepy. I'd say try staying away and finding a new job if possible.

    The situation really does sound like sexual harassment. Check the businesses sexual harassment policy or a government agency that could provide with useful information on the matter. Whether or not it's a family business does not matter.

    The fact of the matter is that you've worked for him since you were 15. The math suggests that he was 27 when you were 15. Now, you're a month away from turning 18 and he starts hitting on you. Hmm... I'd say he's had his mind on you for a while. Guys in their late 20s really shouldn't be eyeing teenage girls

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  • This is sexual harassment plain and simple.

    Also, it is soliciting a minor since you are underage and he knows it.

    First, tell your parents. This isn't something you should be dealing with on your own.

  • He can't really do anything if you turn him down. he can't fire you because that is against the law, so you have nothing to fear there. Just don't do it.

  • I would tell your parents and let them know what he's doing!

  • Um, first off, that's against the law. Secondly I can almost guarantee you that it's against company policy. This guy is a creepy guy! You need to tell him that you're not interested and he needs to stop. This is exactly what sexual harrassment is. Do you work for like a chain company?

    • No. it's his family's business.

    • Well that's not right hun. With bigger chains, you can contact human resources. But even still, this is sexual harrassment, and it's against the law. Obviously you don't want to make things weird. Just tell him that you aren't interested. And see if he continues. If he this doesn't work and he continues, then you need to take it a step further and tell him that this is sexual harrassment. Obviously you don't want to threaten him, but at the same time, it's not right what he's doing.

  • Don't go out with him. Just tell him you aren't interested. What he's doing is sexual harassment.

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