Stealing Someone's Boy/Girlfriend Is Impossible!

Stealing Someone's Boy/Girlfriend Is Impossible!

Stealing Someone's Boy/Girlfriend Is Impossible!

My best friend invited me to his birthday party.

I was surrounded by cookies, pies, cakes and ice cream cones.

Being that I was on a strict diet,

that was last thing I could have ever envisioned myself wanting.

The visual appeal of those sweets had pulled me in like a gravity force.

In no time, I found myself quickly devouring all of the delicious sweets and snacks.

I could easily have blamed the party host, for having tempted me with such delicious pastries.

He knew I was on a diet but still gave me an invitation to his home.

If the commitment to my diet were strong enough, no amount of temptation

would have allowed me to give in.

Afterall, the responsibility was mine and not his.

Stealing Someone's Boy/Girlfriend Is Impossible!

When you are committed to something you are fully devoted to it.

You would have invested time, energy, dedication and loyalty.

Sure, the party host could have helped to support my efforts to maintain my commitment.

He could have locked away the pastries, leaving the party empty and bare.

But would my expectations be realistic?

Should the strength of my commitment be his concern?

In everyday life, we will be surrounded by the many things that tempt us.

Those of you that are in meaningful relationships,

will know that a healthy foundation will exist in the very beginning.

Nothing anyone says or does, will allow your loved one to stray.

Another person’s advances or flirtatious words will not allow someone who “loves you”,

to cause deceit.

Your significant other should be able to be in a room with hundreds of attractive human-beings,

and still walk out the same faithful person he/she entered in as.

You cannot blame the “party host” for causing temptation in the room or “making”

your significant other cheat.

He/she did so because he wanted to.

He made that choice.

The foundation was not solid in the very beginning.

Someone who is filled with devotion, loyalty and dedication cannot be led away.

The power of their commitment to you, would be so strong that it

would deflect any negative outside influences.

No one has the power to steal someone who loves you away.

If that person is led away, then their love was never real.

Stealing Someone's Boy/Girlfriend Is Impossible!

I know it is second nature for some of us to blame the other person for their part in the ordeal.

Although the "party host" could have never given you an invite,

he does not share a commitment to your relationship and can do as he pleases.

It is up to the person given the invite to reject the advances and escape the situation of discomfort.

You cannot blame the other person,

your significant other cheated with you on.

Even If the initial pastry were not chosen,

it would have eventually been another because of your significant other’s mentality.

When someone lacks commitment it's only a matter of time before they cheat.

The healthy foundation of trust is not there.

Trust is the glue that holds a relationship together.

Without the glue, the relationship will fall a part.

Stealing Someone's Boy/Girlfriend Is Impossible!

Stealing Someone's Boy/Girlfriend Is Impossible!

In a room surrounded with sweets,

all of them are tempting.

Since I’m not committed to my diet,

I can only be trusted for so long in doing the right thing.

I will eventually give into my temptation because

It is what I wanted all along.

I never took the vows to my commitment seriously and it shows in my actions.

Stealing Someone's Boy/Girlfriend Is Impossible!

A committed person can walk into a room filled with pastries,

never having the urge to reach for one at all.

No matter how beautiful the display or inviting of an atmosphere,

this person never has the desire to be filled with any of those sweets.

This person is satisfied and contented with what he already has.

This person is willing to stick to his/her diet plan.

No amount of sweets will ever influence this person's mind.

Stealing Someone's Boy/Girlfriend Is Impossible!

Stealing Someone's Boy/Girlfriend Is Impossible!

A person's heart can never be stolen. It was this person who was never contented in the first place and took opportunity to leave for another.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • totally agree!! you will probably always find other people that you meet attractive/interesting. but the true test of the relationship is that you do not act on those impluses and stay faithful to the person you are in a relationship with. that is how you will know if its real


Most Helpful Girl

  • I do agree that you can't take someone who doesn't want to be taken. That's absolutely a thousand percent correct. But at the same time, if you know someone is taken, you shouldn't be trying to tempt them in the first place. It's still wrong and you are still partially to blame.

    • Yes, I agree. The other person is morally incorrect for doing for . However , the person who made their commitment to you is the person all of your anger and aggression should be directed towards. The fact of the matter is, we live in a society where people will knowingly do things they aren't supposed to.
      There's nothing we can do to stop those people.
      Our loved one must have enough respect to ignore those whose intent are to destroy what he has.
      Being able to ignore those advances successfully shows the power of his love for you and that it is solid.

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    • They both had a commitment to you of some sort.

      Totally different scenario than I spoke of.
      I was referring to a stranger.

      But a friend? That's a knife through the back

    • @xobrowneyedbeauty Totally agreeing with you.

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What Guys Said 7

  • I've stolen someone's girlfriend by accident a couple of times before. It's not intentional. I meet the girls randomly, we click, we go on a few dates, and later on they tell me that they've just left their boyfriend, and I didn't even know they had one to begin with.

    • Do u think u really stole them? Or they were unhappy and willing to leave with any guy who swept them off of their feet?

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    • You didn't steal her She left her bc volitionally

    • yeah fooling morons isn't that great of an accomplishment.

  • I fully agree with the notion. Never blame the person your SO cheated with. Blame your SO for cheating.

    • I would definitely blame the SO and I wouldn't go after the mistress unless she knew what she was doing.

    • Well even if she knew what she was doing it's kind of not her fault.

  • Yes, you're right, you can't steal someone's boyfriend or girlfriend from someone. I agree

  • Three words: Cheating. Isn't. Ok.

    Good day.

    • Four words to you.

      Who says it was?

    • You seem to be saying that cheating is ok if the cheater wanted said person from the beginning.

    • Out of all the people that read this , you're the only one getting that message.
      You're clearly reading wrong and not comprehending.
      I never even discussed about cheating being ok.
      I am speaking about is t he fact that someone willingly leaves a relationship because they truly do not love their partner. There is such thing as "stealing someone away". They leave because they want to.

  • This is truth. Good post 👏

    • I knew I remembered you! You wrote a post about not letting men use women and I responded with a short list of critiques and my own list. Then you got mad and I apologized and then you got even more mad and some other dude jumped in to defend me but did a crap job at it. Then women started downvoting my post like crazy while guys started up voting it and I was sitting there confused out of my mind about what was happening. Lol it's funny how much I actually agree with you.

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    • I did my best not to generalize in that take by using the word "some" and explaining what a good man would do. But the fact of the matter is some people have been bashed so much in life that they take their built up emotions out on you , even if you're not saying what they think (not speaking about u). And you are right people act on emotion and don't think logically at times. I'm glad to hear from u on a better note <3

      The male version if ur interested

    • I'm gonna post here instead of on that take so you know it's still me but. That was a really good post too. I think it's the nature of post like that that cause the problem. I mean you're literally listing off all the possible negatives of the opposite sex in one big post. I guess because it wasn't directed at my sex it was easeir to understand the benefits of the take without feeling defensive. To be honest I appluad you for writing both takes whether you got backlash from it or not. Yes it's going to step on some toes but it will really help people too. It helped me. While reading that post I realized something about the last relationship I was in and it was like a tiny bit of sadness lifted away. So I know both post probably helped someone and to me that's worth it.

  • Yeah... no. That's naivety.

    You can be in love/attracted to someone and be in love/attracted to someone else at the same time. You're projecting your own romanticised notions of devotion and love. It's not like your partner can't be held accountable in these situations, but all this biz "A person's heart can never be stolen. It was this person who was never contented in the first place and took opportunity to leave for another" is naivety, romanticisation and idealization to try to make sense of the world in a way you can accept and be more comfortable with.

    • I am not talking about attraction alone.
      That isn't the thing in question at all in this article.
      I am speaking about someone who "loves" another "cheats" on that person and runs off with the other person.
      If you think that's normal behavior then I feel sorry for the girl you choose to be in a relationship with.

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    • ... who spit in your breakfast biscuit? @opinion owner

    • @Realfire22
      Umm... no?

  • This is the most utterly naive and wrongheaded view of human nature I have ever heard expressed outside a church. Read up on some of the latest science of the way human brains actually function. There is no little person in your head, your consciousness, you willpower are the outcomes of myriad processes not under your control. You are a creature of habit and impulse rationalized into consistency after the fact.

    • Not sure what you are speaking about directly.

      All this "take" is saying is that,
      Someone who values their relationship cannot be taken away by someone who is wrongful intentions.
      The only people that cheat or leave their partners for someone else, are those who lacked commitment all along.

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    • But no one is gives their all all the time, every day. Real people have good and bad days, weeks and years. The really fundamental flaw in your whole view of human nature is you think people are just one thing, one nature, one essence and that is an illusion. The human mind is a collection of discreet systems with a central reporting area (your consciousness) where these subsystems, after they have autonomously decided what to do, report what they did and your consciousness, like a really bad boss then says "yeah, I told you to do that". Have you ever driven a familiar road for miles and not remembered it? That is the true state of your mind, not the voice in your head. That voice sits on top of it all and talks to itself. There are reams and reams of scientific proofs of this from brain studies dating back 50 years, though it's not yet widely known or accepted in common culture.

    • You are right about real people have challenges.
      I am not dis-regarding that.
      However, the challenges come when someones position is weakened (that is my whole point in this article).
      As someone that has been in a 9 year relationship I can vouch for that.

What Girls Said 9

  • What if a guy is with a girl yet has feelings for a different girl and has felt that way since before his girlfriend came along? Does that mean he technically isn't fully committed to his girlfriend since he hasn't completely moved on from the girl he has feelings for?

    • Sounds like it.

    • Yes, although his intentions aren't meant to cause negative. He shares firstly a lack of commitment to himself because he did not give himself time to get over the hurt. He entered into a relationship not healed which can cause destruction for his current partner. If he's not willing to give himself space and time , then he may injure his relationship.

  • This was not only very true, but very elegantly executed and presented. I enjoyed this very much and intend to share this with some friends of mine for a good read. Thanks for writing this post.

  • i have never read such a great take ever
    well done stacy! :)
    i love it

  • I completely agree.
    People who attack the other person instead of their SO are in serious denial!

  • Yeah, this is why I always say don't test your weakness.

  • I completly agree! Loved this myTake.

  • Great Mytake ;)✌️😎

  • Great take☺

  • I like what you wrote but the writing format gets annoying to read lol


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