The No Contact Rule

The No Contact Rule

I have seen a lot of people ask about the no contact rule with the intention of getting their ex back.

I'm not saying that all the people who have asked about the no contact rule on this website , have the the intention of getting their ex back, I'm simply going to address the No Contact Rule and what I think the rule should be for. These are my opinions.

If you are using the no contact rule with the intention of getting your ex back, you are going to have a hard time: breakups are already stressful enough, why stress yourself out more with empty promises that have not been fulfilled yet?

You set your own rules

Do not let an article or friends tell what you should or should not do, there is no imaginary line that will make your ex magically fall in love with you or magically hate you again. If your ex chooses to contact you or not, he or she will do so because they choose to, not because of what line 1 of article B says

The No Contact Rule

Help yourself

The no contact rule should be about healing yourself, not what your ex is doing. It's not a game of will he or she miss me

If your ex contacts you

The no contact rule should not be about waiting for your ex to contact you. It's about helping yourself move on.

Be realistic

There is a time to be sad and you should take as much time as you want to heal, but at the same time there is a reality that while you are thinking about your ex getting back with you, he or she has probably moved on with a new significant other.


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  • This no contact stuff is bullshit. Its actually a breakup. If your relationship is so bad you need a "break" then your relationship is in serious irreparable shape. Successful couples don't do this

    • The no contact rule is usually used after a break up. You seriously want to stay in a relationship with someone who is not Contacting you? That makes no sense

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    • That's messed up

    • Yes it is

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