8 Things That Will End Your Relationship

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8 Things That Will End Your Relationship

It is absolutely essential to a healthy relationship that you are able to discuss with your partner the things that matter, how you're doing in the relationship, and what you see for your present and future. Often times people will lie about these things or think they are being nice to their partner by not telling them how they really feel, but this can be the beginning of the end for your relationship. Here are eight things that will end your relationship.

1. Not being honest about wanting/not wanting/not being able to have kids

8 Things That Will End Your Relationship

Generally when couples get a little older and start thinking about putting down roots, kids become a big deal for some people in terms of whether they want them or not. In the dating world, a lot of people feel like they can eventually change their partners mind when it comes to kids, or they'll lie just to keep dating someone they know does not share their idea of what their future looks like until things blow up at the realization that this was something that one or both of you are unwilling to back down on. Also knowing you can't have kids, and lying about it, can also come back to bite you because you may assume that your partner will be understanding that you can't have kids, which was the reason for the lie, but he or she may not be. It may be the ultimate deal breaker for them especially if they made it clear up front that they wanted biological children.

2. You cheated

8 Things That Will End Your Relationship

You can lie about this one, but things have a way of coming out or coming back to haunt you. Granted, telling the truth about your cheating, can also end your relationship, but adding further insult to injury, lying about it and keeping up the lie for weeks, months, even years, will only add to the level of betrayal you are committing against someone you claim to love.

3. You're doing "everything" all the time

8 Things That Will End Your Relationship

Have you ever been in one of those fights where your partner blurts out, "you haven't done anything around here! I'm always having to do everything." Well, that may come as a complete shock and surprise to your partner who probably assumed things were good or was totally oblivious to the fact that they weren't pulling their weight. Part of being in a partnership is being able to talk to your partner (especially in non-fighting times) about how you're going to share your responsibilities in your house and in regards to your pets/children/finances. If you truly feel like you're picking up all the slack, let them know and then let them know how they can help you to no longer feel like that otherwise have enough of these fights and your partner will find someone who will pick up the slack without a fight.

4. You really didn't want to move

8 Things That Will End Your Relationship

When it comes to big decisions like deciding to move across country or the world, you need to be honest about this one. If you were born somewhere and you intend to die in that somewhere, then let that be known. You cannot help the way you feel and should not feel guilty about wanting to be near your job, family, and friends you love because often times without them, if one partner didn't want the move, they are a huge reason that you can come to resent your partner for "forcing you" to leave what truly made you happy. On the flip side, if you did agree to move for a short period of time and then come back, your partner needs to definitely honor your agreement or risk it blowing up your relationship.

5. You fail to disclose your issues

8 Things That Will End Your Relationship

We all have our thing that we deal with. Maybe it was abuse in the past, maybe you loved to drink way too much, maybe you have major issues surrounding your family, maybe you have major health issues. Whatever it is, these things have a way of creeping into our lives and wreaking havoc, not just on ourselves, but on our partner. Let them know what you're dealing with and what you're going through because you can't expect them to know or be able to help you when you fall, if they have no clue. Be especially vigilant when it comes to thinks like your mental or physical health issues. Lying does both you and your partner a huge disservice which may be a major downfall of your relationship.

6. You're not truthful about your job/money/debt

8 Things That Will End Your Relationship

Money is one of the most cited reasons for issues in a marriage. We all need money to survive and when you don't have it or you're always struggling to get it, it can put a major strain on a relationship. If you're struggling, don't wait until you are 20K into debt before telling a partner and don't enter into a relationship without being honest about your job/financial situation.

7. You're not happy in the bedroom

8 Things That Will End Your Relationship

This is another area in a relationship where communication is key. If you are not honest with yourself or your partner about what you do or don't like in this area, they are probably going to assume things are great especially if you are the type of fake it because you think that won't hurt your partners feelings. How is he or she supposed to feel when they find out you don't actually like what it is you thought they did in the bedroom? You don't have to be mean, just sit and talk to them and be open and honest about what you do or don't like.

8. You're not honest about how you see your future together

8 Things That Will End Your Relationship

Whatever your dreams, goals, and aspirations for the future are for you as an individual and for you as a couple, be very honest about this or risk relationship death in the long term. If you want to go back to college and move to Alaska and race snow dogs, don't say you're totally fine with living in Arizona. You and your partner need to be on the same page with your dreams for yourselves and for one another so that when one wants to do X, the other supports, and vice versa, and then you share your joint dreams together. You cannot surprise your partner after 10 years of being together and then tell them you wasted your life rather then doing what you wanted to do. That's unfair, especially if you never expressed that.

8 Things That Will End Your Relationship
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  • Logorithim
    These are all good points, and really big things you should expect to end a relationship. It should be pointed out that they are also dealbreakers that will also prevent a relationship from getting started.

    It's always better to be honest with your partner- they can handle bad news, but nit dishonesty and disloyalty.
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  • OlderAndWiser
    All of these have two essential components:

    1. You must have an informed and candid assessment of all of the factors that are important for a long term relationship to work. Some people get into serious relationships when they have very little dating experience. They may not consider talking about "I want to live here for the rest of my life" because they aren't sensitive to the fact that their partner may want to live elsewhere. There are many compatibility tests online that are not based on zodiac signs but are based on real issues that actually make a difference in a relationship.

    2. The second component is the willingness and desire to be honest about the potential issues. Some people are so afraid of losing their partner that they will deny that there are some compatibility issues that need to be addressed.

    With respect to sexual compatibility, I can assure you that any conversations that begins with "We need to talk about why you aren't good in bed" does not end well. You could tell your partner, "It drives me nuts that when I'm going down on you, you don't make a sound or move and sometimes I wonder if you went to sleep." but that is just going to put your partner on the defensive, hurt their feelings, and cause resentment. Instead, you can say, "I always really love going down on you but it would be even better if you occasionally moaned or whimpered a little bit so that I know that what I'm doing is working for you."

    Nice myTake!
  • Jmcmanning
    Cheating isn't good but doesn't mean the relationship has to end, there are some couples that work past that to get to the real issues and save the relationship.
    The doing everything all the time, I really don't see how that will end a relationship unless you group it with unresolved issues or not talking about issues. The two main items that kill a relationship is lack of communication and not being completely honest... all the other points you mentioned above fall under these two categories.
  • chopper1977
    not being flexible... I mean things, situations, people, change and evolve over time. if you have this set box that you expect the other to remain/live in, it's not going to work
  • JimRSmith
    Good Take.

    This generally boils down to two points - openness and honesty.

    Both are critical. It never ceases to amaze me how many people are so cavalier about the need for both.
  • Djaay
    Doesn't just plain " Honesty " take care everything. ?
    • BeeNee

      Ha, there would literally be no list if people actually followed through with that, and yet, here we all are.

    • Djaay

      How do you know for sure ?

  • Gawblin
    #1 Being big fat gaya
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  • NotYours
    I don’t think number 4 is as serious in this kind of situation. I think that number 1 is definitely a larger influencer for a breakup
    • BeeNee

      4 definitely can be. If you move just to make your partner happy, but you become unhappy because you can't adjust, have no friends or family around you because they now live in another country/state/location, when your SO is all happy and having a good time, you're going to resent him and that because you don't feel that same way and you're going to kick yourself for not being honest that you didn't want to move or worse, just going along with it to make them happy whilst you become totally miserable.

  • 0112358
    Hits the main issues though some of them communication is a long shot to fix - worth trying but won’t on its own fix things.
  • didigo182
    I laughed out loud at the 3rd image :D

    Nice take i agree except Not being honest about wanting have kids. is an unpredictable thing, but they are almost alway's happy when they know they are going to be a father or mother.
    • That's actually a really important point. Is she's against having kids, she'll use birth control or get sterilized to avoid kids. What if he wants kids and she doesn't? He'd be incredibly resentful towards her. If she finally agrees to have children, she'll be resentful because he didn't respect her wishes.

  • JudgmentDay
    "1. Not being honest about wanting/not wanting/not being able to have kids"

    I'd already expect that the majority of ladies out there do want kids and family one day and is more than likely going to change their minds some day, so that's part of the reason why I decided I'm better of remaining single indefinitely instead of trying to seek or look for anyone to date anymore, thus no more trying to date or asking anybody out permanently, it's very important to be honest with oneself and assess things like these.
  • yucel_eden
    9.) You focus on each other’s qualities and don’t GROW together

    Everybody changes. If you don’t grow together that thing you like will go away and so will you
  • Red-Blaze
    Over all I think it all boil down to the same thing, simply been honest, not hiding things from your partner, after all if you are really in a relation there dose not need to be anything that one can't tell the other

    about the 3rd reason I was thinking it was going else where from honesty as well, I think its also impotent to note that if someone dose everything in a relationship it is also likely to fall, its impotent for each to give something in it, or its a one sided, and that will make it unbalanced
  • Vesuvius87
    You forgot to add abuse and violence. If you got a problem, you can talk it out and if you're too upset, it's a good idea to step out, think what you're going to say and then discuss it with your partner.

    There is never an excuse to lay your hands on your partner or be abusive in other ways such as getting in their face and hurling insults at them. Once you do that, it means your social skills are beyond poor that you aren't capable of dealing with stress in a civilized manner. I would defnitely break up over that immediately.
    • BeeNee

      A couple people mentioned that, but *to me* this seemed rather obvious that no one should be in a relationship with someone who's punching them in the face on the daily. I also left out things like your partner murders someone in cold blood, or turns out to be a pedophile because I seriously hope, these are obvious things to everyone with no gray areas.

    • Vesuvius87

      Yes, the extreme examples is a given but some women still stay when they get hit for the first time, claiming it's a one time mistake their boyfriend made.
      Even if someone has been in a relationship for years and their partner gets violent for the first time ever, it's already over.

  • Lilybird16
    This is a wonderful take on, what can destroy a relationship. I never realized that there were so many factors to consider in a relationship. I broke it off with my last boyfriend, because he wouldn't share household responsibilities with me. His excuse was that he worked a job and heavier I didn't, I was supposed to take care of the house hold chores, while he didn't have to lift a finger. He cooked, but he said he was too tired to help around the house. The guy I met before him, hid secrets from me about his sexuality. He told me that he was bisexual and wanted to be in a monogamous relationship with me, but later found out he was seeing other guys while we were together. He was also bipolar with Soo many other mental and emotional issues. Thanks for sharing.
    • BeeNee

      I'm sorry to hear all that. I'm glad you were at least able to see that these guys were no good for you and that you deserve better.

  • bubble_tea
    I don't get relationships where keeping huge secrets and lying to uphold said secrets is the norm.
  • effyourfeelings
    The first one is important
    I'd end a relationship right away if he keeps begging for kids
  • jacquesvol
    Abuse, bad communication and cheating are real killers
  • GreatnessBack
    All true, can't find fault.
    Honesty and constant communication is key to a healthy relationship.
  • LordIheanacho
    Relationship drama. That's why there's MGTOW. Avoid it all in one fell swoop.
  • escape_the_matrix
    Women will end a relationship over the most ridiculous things. Women are no longer worth the hassle these days.
  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Nailed it!
  • simplecountrygirl
    Nailed it
  • musical_kittycat
    Very true. Thanks for this!
  • OpalLi
    agree with all about the above
  • Ms_Meaghan
    Death will also end a relationship.
  • Commander_Courtney
    Completely agree!!
  • Dreku
    Seems accurate
  • Meninist
    This seems very copy and pasted.
  • Rj02011982
    Great post. Not happy in the bedroom is HUGE.
  • CHARismatic110
    All of these are spot on.
  • Hungry_Shark
  • xZoeyx
    Wonderful take!
  • monkeynutts
    Yes sums it up.
  • Jo1991
    Wonderfully written
  • Confidenceoverload
    That’s all true
  • gobsmacked3
    i would suggest Complacency is the top of the list
  • bigblackjoe
  • rockrewls
    Sounds right to me...
  • Michael82
    That's very true
  • Razal
    Nice take. Good one.
  • Nice222
    Great take
  • fredrick89
  • Anonymous
    I did not see this one -No physical attraction.
  • Anonymous
    You totally nailed it!!!
  • Anonymous
    Also, crazy exes lol
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    I haven't been in a relationship yet so this MyTake is really informational for me :3
  • Anonymous
    Good thoughts
  • Anonymous
    heh, i'm not honest about my money, but that is because i have a lot more than i let anyone know.

    i'm pretty sure she's gonna be fine with it whenever she finds out...
  • Anonymous
    i dont really care if the sex is bad. i care more about being honest and communicating well. i have had girls to are good in bed and we both sexually pleasing each other but we broke up because of lack of trust and we fought and didn't communicate.