Why Women Dump You After the Winter Holidays

Why Women Dump You After the Winter Holidays

Valentines Day Defines a Relationship

Often times breakups happen around Valentines Day. It creates pressure on new and even old partners because it forces people to define what the relationship is and what it means. A new couple will be secretly thinking about whether they want to be exclusive. An old couple might have secret thoughts of whether the person they are with is marriage material. In the end, with the gifts and all of the private thoughts the pressure builds and so do doubts about the relationship. Pretty soon...the woman is breaking up with you after Valentine's Day or right before.

Women Want To Be Sexual and Free In the Summer

The most important reason is because as summer builds up a woman wants to be more free to be sexual and flirt with new guys. She will start wearing revealing clothes and love the attention that she gets from other men. She will see you as old news and start doing a cost benefit analysis of her relationship with you compared to the hotties who are flirting with her on the beach. Wanting to feel less guilty for possible cheating and wanting to fuck new dick or new guys? She will dump your ass to the curb. You are old new to her.

Women Are Singles Pacts to Flirt With Hot Men

Women often times unintentionally plan to be single in the summer together. They get a kick out of wearing bikinis to the beach together as single ladies and flirting with buff alphas. So they are more likely to dump their boyfriends to flirt.

Why they Tie Up in the Winter

During the fall and winter the months grow cold and dark. The holidays bring nostalgia and loneliness. So a man is most likely to lock down a girlfriend during that time. Also for holiday dates with the family.

She's Not Yours, It's Just You Turn

Remember men, women don't care about your feelings. You are expendible. She has dozens of "guy friends" who are lined up as her next partner.

Why Women Dump You After the Winter Holidays
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