Why Women Dump You After the Winter Holidays

Why Women Dump You After the Winter Holidays

Valentines Day Defines a Relationship

Often times breakups happen around Valentines Day. It creates pressure on new and even old partners because it forces people to define what the relationship is and what it means. A new couple will be secretly thinking about whether they want to be exclusive. An old couple might have secret thoughts of whether the person they are with is marriage material. In the end, with the gifts and all of the private thoughts the pressure builds and so do doubts about the relationship. Pretty soon...the woman is breaking up with you after Valentine's Day or right before.

Women Want To Be Sexual and Free In the Summer

The most important reason is because as summer builds up a woman wants to be more free to be sexual and flirt with new guys. She will start wearing revealing clothes and love the attention that she gets from other men. She will see you as old news and start doing a cost benefit analysis of her relationship with you compared to the hotties who are flirting with her on the beach. Wanting to feel less guilty for possible cheating and wanting to fuck new dick or new guys? She will dump your ass to the curb. You are old new to her.

Women Are Singles Pacts to Flirt With Hot Men

Women often times unintentionally plan to be single in the summer together. They get a kick out of wearing bikinis to the beach together as single ladies and flirting with buff alphas. So they are more likely to dump their boyfriends to flirt.

Why they Tie Up in the Winter

During the fall and winter the months grow cold and dark. The holidays bring nostalgia and loneliness. So a man is most likely to lock down a girlfriend during that time. Also for holiday dates with the family.

She's Not Yours, It's Just You Turn

Remember men, women don't care about your feelings. You are expendible. She has dozens of "guy friends" who are lined up as her next partner.

Why Women Dump You After the Winter Holidays
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  • red324
    As someone that's been single for a long time, but always actively on the hunt for a girl and going on dates I've noticed that I tend to get quite a few more matches online around the holiday season. As far as women not caring about a guys feelings. I'd say they're just more used to turning a guy down, moving onto another one. They go on tons of dates and have a lot more deal breakers than guys do. They seem to have no problem throwing 3 months of long phone conversations down the toilet for any number of weird reasons. Now this isn't all women. Hell some of them find a guy and stick with him for 3-5 years, but that's just it those women aren't available and aren't as well known because well they stick with the same guy... lol
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    • red324

      Basically what i'm saying is she may stick around or she may not, so if you're one of those guys that gets attached easy just keep in mind every time you see her may be the last, so get whatever you want out of her while she's around. This is just my opinion, obviously you hope this isn't the case, but as a guy you have to keep your guard up. especially in the one night stand world we seem to live in now.

  • TruthBringer
    Once again you hit the nail right on the head. And once again I doesn't strike me as a surprise that you got some people in the comments section triggered. The truth sounds harsh in the ears of the weak, afterall. Holidays like spring break is where women's hypergamy and monkey branching are shown the most. And this is not some secret. Especially those who got 'fit' for the holidays end up dumping their boyfriends since they are getting attention from more men. This is an even recognized fact for couples where one of the two gets liposuction where they apply "couples therapy" before the surgery lmfao
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  • Brainsbeforebeauty
    Why you keep thinking you're an expert on the Behavior of all women is beyond me... Just giving yourself the self proclaimed"ladies man" title doesn't make you qualified to be posting this dribble of yours as facts when they're nothing but biased assumptions... And I just have to say if one day,Valentine's day defines your relationship... Then it wasn't much of a relationship to begin with.
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    • Ifriqyan

      You'd think that if he was an actual expert and his life is fulfilled in the love department he'd be married and with kids by now, but he's 33 and all he does is rant about women online...

    • @Ifriqyan exactly!

    • Wanna be alphas... when will they learn?

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  • TwinTime98
    Is that your opinion or your perspective from experience? I feel so bad for you. If that is truly what keeps happening with the girls you meet and date, you should try putting your fishing pole in a new lake. Not ALL girls are like that. Not ALL boys get treated that way. At least not from the experiences we’ve had. Or perhaps you’re just not offering enough. Maybe try putting time and energy into YOU and start BEING a buff alpha and quit being a weak beta. News flash. Girls are attracted to confidence and guys with a sense of humor. Hot bods are good but it isn’t what all girls look for or are after. Being dumped sucks and nobody likes the way it feels. But if you’re getting dumped all the time, it has NOTHING to do with a girl wanting a new dick. It has EVERYTHING to do with not wanting to stay with a guy who thinks the world revolves around his dick or one who whines and looks down on himself as not being “good enough”. Whether you believe you’re an alpha or a beta, you’re absolutely right. Because you’ll love up or down to the opinion of yourself and girls will treat you accordingly. But I’ve got to run now, I just a new alpha dick run past me and if I’m going to make my summer new alpha dick quota by fall, I’ve got a lot of dick chasing to do 🙄
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    • memad

      😢😭😭 you're rude, hope you get cheated on.

    • By the contrary this girl is the ONLY ONE who gave a proper answer here and the right answer. This girl even proves that there's faith in woman nowadays. The others are just neo nazis. Because even if they're right, they're no one to call other mates incels, just to sort say "miss perfect thinking her shit doesn't stink". Blasphemy. I hope they rot in hell.

      Just adding here. Alpha traits is what get girls for long time and make they not wanting to cheat or let you, but if she is not interested in any relationship you may take that as well.

      You as a man should have lots of woman and not give a fuck if one miss in your list. Because you have another. FOR SURE IMPROVE YOURSELF while you date these girls.

      Always seek the best version of yourself

  • Ifriqyan
    "Remember men, women don't care about your feelings. You are expendible. She has dozens of "guy friends" who are lined up as her next partner"

    Something an incel or someone who can't pick a decent woman would say.

    There are only 2 ways to find a sense to this:
    1. America is really fucked up and no one values commitment and family there. And i can't relate to this culture AT ALL.

    2. y'all love to overblow things and exaggerating.
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    • yofuknutz

      Dismissing a problem the way you do doesn't make it go away like syphilis it will only Fester to something worse later down the road.

    • Ifriqyan

      @yofuknutz I'm sorry but I don't agree with you.
      The" problem" is overblown.

    • Feminism is rampant in the US. ITs covinced women that men are evil, that they are unwanted and unneeded and that women can slut it up without consequences (all of which is untrue). So women in the US do do these things quite often. I think it gets exaggerated on the internet (when things are going good your not going to the internet to vent about it) but it is an actual issue here. Every society that reaches our point gets like this, then it collapses, things get terrible for awhile then they come back and are normal again. Happens in every culture without exception (every three or four generations, give or take).

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  • RubyonRails
    Not true for me and my friends. I feel that the women explained are not trying to be serious and just want someone temporary attention in the chilly heavy holiday months. I don’t prefer the company of many men. I just want one.
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    • Apope16

      That wouks still fall under the category of the title

    • Yes there are women like that. I know two or three and we bud heads about them using men.

    • Apope16

      Bingo. See?

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  • StephanieL
    You always tend to go too far with your takes, but it also makes a little sense in some way. It's true that every summer I get this phase where I tend to think my boyfriend is annoying and more men seem attractive. Last summer we were on the beach. I just didn't like him and didn't want him to touch me. Meanwhile I couldn't stop myself from staring at this clearly hung guy's dong through his swimming trunks. Then we got in a fight. Then another hung guy passes and I was caught red handed again. Before our relationship, I also used to have way more sex in the summer than in the winter. I talked to my friends about it and they had kinda the same thing going, maybe less extreme. I guess it's just human nature. I wouldn't dump my man because of it though.
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    • Apope16

      I don't go too far on my takes. I tell tge bitter truth and people just don't like it because the truth looks bad.

    • Nah, I think they are very one sided. The fact that so many people disagree on your takes kinda prove that. But it's ok though.

    • awattson

      You really should dump him... you'd be doing the guy a favour.

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  • romeo_and_cats
    Dude it's the second time I come here to say this especific "true" is only true for your experience, it's a narrowed single true, it doesn't apply to everything and eveyone, it's because some shit behaviors you have --> girls would just run.

    List of shit <weak/beta behvaiors>

    - you only think with your down head
    - scarcity
    - one eyties
    - spending the whole week, dayn month with this girl
    - you want something from someone
    - not offering value
    - lying, being inderect, being dependent and not leading the relationship
    - being a player
    - false time complaint
    - not speaking the truth of your feeling, thought and actions
    - not being congruent
    - mixing friendship behavior with sexual
    - not understanding your sexuality
    - not understanding sexual tension
    - not understanding attraction
    - reaching out to a girl and not allowing her to to reach out to you
    - not understanding the importance to share
    - not looking a woman in the eyes and seeing the "true her"
    - not allowing yourself to be hurt
    - not being humble *with woman*
    - being selfish in general
    - competitive frame *with other guys*
    - being mad at this girl because <whatever name it here>
    - not being direct
    - not doing your life
    - not being an interesting person
    - lack of spirituality or personal grow
    - lack of true friends
    - lack of rank in a club, pub or place
    - being too nice
    - not being bad or evil and mixing with being good
    - being true good person as well
    - futuristic, real expectations
    <I lost control here, cannot even think>

    Then others tha may deal with you:
    - health issues
    - bad habits
    - you hate children
    - you hate animals
    - you flirt with other woman while with her
    - you look woman asses instead of looking in her eyes
    - you talk about your job, how much you have ans how much you know
    - you brag about daitng other woman
    - you're depressive
    - you're not fulfilled
    - not emotional secure
    - you don't see the little things
    - you don't think macro
    - you're from a dangerous country
    - you're too strong that scare girls
    - you dont take care of yourself
    - dont dress well
    <Infinitive - lost control>

    There's so much more through our millions of behaviors that would turn a woman off and put you in a position of weak, beta, most of all inexperienced man in the dating world.

    One mistake and you're fucked, unless you show a quality so strong that can omit other shit behaviors

    But in the end is about, feeling fulfilled with yourself and all it comes together with that
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    • and if you try to fake any of these behaviors you're *fucked* as well

  • ArrowheadSW
    The last long term girlfriend that I had, we split up between the Holiday Season and Valentine's Day. I was relieved because it wasn't going well and I didn't want to face Valentine's Day quite frankly. Oh well... It went well for a long time but some relationships just seem to have a certain lifespan.
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  • SnowyOwl
    These "facts" man... sounds like my ex's behaviour, and other guys I've avoided.
    The good ones are rare
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  • BlackPrince1
    Unless the girl is religious most of what you said is true. And that's even true for guys. When we are young we don't care about having serious relationships. Most of us just want to have fun whether we admit it or not.

    When we start reaching our 40s and the overflow of hormones calms down a bit and we think about serious relationships but for someone people it's too late. They're nowhere near what they used to be. So they don't attract as many people as they used to.

    And most of the good people are already happily married and have kids because they made the right choices instead listening to their hormones.

    And it's no secret that young people (21-29) are more desirable and most young guys and girls don't have a preference older 40+ men and women. So the 40+ people who used to mess around are just left with loneliness, drinking like crazy and maybe occasional flings etc etc except if they're rich and worked hard to retain their youth but honestly they're just a few. Even they are left with same loneliness when they reach their 60s.
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  • KrakenAttackin
    All very true. Women are merciless, hypergamous, and entitled. During their cock carouselling days women treat men like used tampons... not only disposable but very replaceable.

    The past generations of "strong single mothers" has raised a new generation of damaged whores... the next generation of single mothers.
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  • SomeBlondeChick
    *yawn* It's funny that a "ladies man" - often given to men who aren't viewed as having much worth in a relationship beyond sex (it's a nice way of saying fuck boy nowadays - thinks he knows women when he can't seem to hold down a relationship for more than a few months.

    Seriously @Apope16 what ***is*** the longest relationship you had with a woman where you did more than just get together for sex? I am very curious.
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  • lilyanony1
    I read a line recently, "cuffing season over, I'm ready for hot girl summer!"
    For someone that hasn't cuffed at all.
    I'm kinda thinking hot girl summer is miss me too so yea...
    I don't see how this applies tbh.
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  • yellowmamba024
    I thought you were Common the rapper at first.

    Since you said the last line of "You are expendAble. She has dozens of "guy friends" who are lined up as her next partner." You spelled it wrong the first time, just FYI. Well, why don't men do the same thing to women? Make them expandable too. Get to know her single friends. If it doesn't work out with the women that you like, try her single friend (s).
  • Unit1

    She's Not Yours, It's Just You Turn

    if there's a guide for men out there, then this should be one of the first things any man must understand.
    I'm not surprised 🙄
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    • yofuknutz

      It is what it is the truth may be a bitter pill but it will set you free

  • Smashingdoozy
    🤨 🤨
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    • I really find it weird that you are telling people how women feel and why they do the things they do as if you actually know... Like you aren't just speculating...

    • K-I-S-S

      Probably just wants to build himself up as a dating coach. Have to keep posting something, even if the quality is not very good. Judging by most of his posts.

      Everyone has their own hussle i suppose.

    • Apope16

      I find when people personally attack me its because they know i speak the truth and are threatened by it. Then you have the simp dudes who defend the upset gal to get on her good side. Deep down... I've caught her upset because she can't lie.

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  • Arabella_Rose
    i literally have not learned a thing from any of your posts. what is the purpose of all of this?
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    • Apope16

      You are a woman. Of course you have learned nothing new. guys on the other hand are learning quite a bit

    • i don't think anyone is learning anything with you. its just that you can't get anyone else to agree with you other than misogynists

  • 123lucy
    We do?

    "Remember men, women don't care about your feelings. You are expendible. She has dozens of "guy friends" who are lined up as her next partner." - Oh.. ok you are one hell of an incel.
  • DoesltMatter
    You act like women are like children, unable to control themselves, when it's obvious that men are the real sinners in this area. You don't see a lot of women cat call for instance. I don't agree at all.
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    • Clearly you've never seen how it is on spring break. But sure, stick to your male feminist mindset

    • @TruthBringer Oh I'm not a feminist, and I'm married.

    • @DoesltMatter I said you've portrayed male feminist mindset. You may say you're not one, but you definitely sound like one. Just saying.

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  • Gespenster_division
    All true. Women do not want to be single around holidays and will wait months after deciding to dump a guy until holidays are over. Women in my opinion don't like to be single and will monkey branch
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  • lofii
    Ahh yes, cuffing season

    Women who find male partnets during that time to extort them for free gifts and attention
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