12 Ways a Woman Acts After She's Dumped


1. "See what you have lost"

12 Ways a Woman Acts After She's Dumped

They ask to meet one last time to show what he is missing.

2. "Life is over for me"

12 Ways a Woman Acts After She's Dumped

They are the ones who make their boyfriend the center of their life. They may even get into depression.

3. "I'm dying but I'll never let you know"

12 Ways a Woman Acts After She's Dumped

They waste their time by eating and stalking. They don't call even once because of their pride. They never mess with their ex but deep inside, they get depressed.

4. "I feel so bad"

12 Ways a Woman Acts After She's Dumped

They use their friends to handle the agitation. The duty of their friends is to text him telling how bad she feels after break up.

5. "One day I'll hurt you, I promise"

12 Ways a Woman Acts After She's Dumped

They are just a pain in the neck. They swear to get revenge and look for the opportunities. If you see your car scratched, it can be because of your ex.

6. "He is the one who lost me"

12 Ways a Woman Acts After She's Dumped

Since they know that their relationship wasn't working they accept the breakup and find themselves at the hairdresser to have a change. But the storm inside them doesn't linger.

7. "I'll focus on the matches going forward"

12 Ways a Woman Acts After She's Dumped

They look for a new relationship as soon as it's over. They think that they will get over the love pang if they find someone new.

8. "No one loves me, I'm so alone"

12 Ways a Woman Acts After She's Dumped

As their past relationships were over frustratingly, they think that no one loves them. They share their feelings with the people that they meet online.

9. "We broke up in a friendly manner"

12 Ways a Woman Acts After She's Dumped

They move on harder, better, faster and stronger. They never say bad things about their ex. They even wish happiness for them.

10. "I feel empty"

12 Ways a Woman Acts After She's Dumped

They always find someone new to fill the empty space.

11. "Watch me disappear"

12 Ways a Woman Acts After She's Dumped

You can't even reach these kind of women to get your stuff back. They make you wonder about them.

12. "It's over the moment he's gone"

12 Ways a Woman Acts After She's Dumped

They hate you a lot that they get rid of all things reminding them of you. They think that it's over the moment he has gone.

12 Ways a Woman Acts After She's Dumped
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  • btbc92
    When the relationship was sexual and she lost her virginity or gave up everything because he basically asked. Yes, all of these 12 things are true. And it ticks me off how some women and a lot of men feel indifferent about this. Overall 12 is what you need to do to fully move on. Its not healthy to keep anything of that person. Or else it will speak an unhealthy lust and flame for another unhealthy relationship or an affair.
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    • 12 is very appropriate if somebody cheated and/or was abusive. However if the relationship faded because the two of you grew apart number 12 can be brutal on one person. In those situations the basketball dribble approach (thudding away...) is really more ideal.

      I'm in a relationship right now, but the last serious girlfriend I had did 12 ALL THE WAY. We had some arguments leading up to the break but there wasn't anything dead serious that caused the split. I remember 2 weeks later she removed all tagged FB photos of her and I (I retaliated by outright deleting them and removing her as friends). I didn't care about any of the pics except one. She had supported me for a major athletic event that I won. This was a competition where I was a huge underdog and came out victorious. She supported me through all my training. I had a pic of me with a belt with my arm around her. It hurt me very deeply that she removed herself from that. It was a very special event.

    • btbc92


      Either way regardless of how brutal it was, the relationship is over for a reason. And its best to leave it that way. Otherwise you won't be able to move on. That's part of the consequences. You don't do #12 in a resentful and unhealthy manner. But nonetheless it needs to be done. Because when you hold on to something of that memory, you hold on to them. And like cancer, that poison will spread.

    • It needs to happen but there is a right way and wrong way to do it. I didn't get closure on some issues so that's why I had some major hang ups later.

      One thing women need to realize is that men handle break ups differently. Women can cry their eyes out, eat ice cream and reach out for support to their friends. Society won't think any less of them for it. However men don't get this luxury. We are supposed to be tough. We internalize these issues and break ups actually hit us much harder than most women realize.

      I was careful not wear my emotions on my sleeve after my split. I had done that in my early 20s and everybody labeled me a pussy. I got smarter in my late 20s. However there were several unresolved issues that haunted me for a very long time.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Righttobeararms83
    I had a crazy ex scratch the shit out of my car and bust the lights and smashed the windows like it was a female empowered Carrie underwood video. Twenty minutes later after she went home the cops dragged her out of her college course and took her to the station to be booked. In the end she had to pay to fix the car, got a criminal record, got suspended from college and had a restraining order out against her.
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    • Unit1

      Wow shiet. That is some crazy beetch.
      Oh well, she literally asked for it :P

    • Rissyanne

      I know you are glad to be rid of her. Wow what a crazy ass bitch.

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  • guy532
    As a dude who got dumped a week and a half ago (90% sure she cheated and broke up with menout of guilt) I can tell you what I've been through. Just remember, we were together for a year and I was very in love with her. First 3-4 days I was basically very depressed and crying like a little bitch. I tried to get her to come back (I didn't know there was a good chance that she cheated at that time). I smoked more weed than I've ever have. Finished it like 3 days ago. Been on tinder trying to get a new chick and even though I've gotten like 6-8 matches and they all talked to me I knew they were interested in me asking them out, but I didn't because I didn't want to. I also asked for this random girl's number I met getting off the bus and she gave it to me. I was looking forward taking her on a date for the past 2 days. I called her today and she said that she's pretty swamped this week so I just told her to call or text me back when she wants to meet (90% sure it ain't happening). Funny enough I called her while waiting to get a haircut. Just finished my haircut (I look like a sexy beast) and went on gag. Also inside, I am currently furious, sad, lonely, empty, anxious, happy, and confident. That's about it, what a shit fucking week.
    • guy532

      also the moment she left, I threw out and deleted everything that reminded me of her. The next day I dropped off the clothes that she had left (I wanted to throw them out, but I knew how immature that would be). We met for coffee 2 days after the break up to get some closure since the break-up happened so fast (she came to my place and was gone within 2min). I texted her 5 days ago basically asking her to give us another shot, now though I wouldn't take her back even if she begged. We haven't talked since and I'm not planning on having her in any part of my life, not after how she dealt with the entire break-up and all the lies and manipulations she's done.

    • guy532

      also I currently do not like women and basically want to do nothing but fuck them and never see them again. I don't trust women after this, not after I treated my ex so incredibly well and reading so many similar stories.

    • Aw that's just sad. Not all women are like your ex though.

  • Raymond_Reddington
    I lolled at number 10 xD are there any recently dumped girls here who would like me to fill their empty space? 😂😂

    Also who is that girl in that gif you posted under number 2?
  • capturemyheartnow
    There's a new way to look at the matter. Just think that it was a wrong path for you. And that it's over for good. Look out for a new path , to find your happiness. Life can be full of problems. And no problem is so great as to derail you for the rest ofyour life.. You have to learn to move on to find your new happiness. Look out for a new partner who will be your next center of happiness.
  • ThunderButt83
    and thats what happens when girls fall for the stupid alpha male, bad boy, confident, player jerks and not the shy nice guys. so why can't a girl just find someone new, move on, and learn from prior mistakes to not to go for "that" type of guy again?
  • SuperNovaRoyalty
    1, 3, 6, 8
    Those are kinda like me.
    Especially 1 and 3. Don't forget 5.
    If I accidentally knee you in the groin while you play soccer, whoopsies! ;)
  • OrdinaryGentleman
    Mmm, this could be applied to both men and women. I just disappear... believe me, they call to try and catch up or text or whatever... its such a waste of time talking to them.
    I think once people realize that they don't need to get into a shitty relationship to be happy, there will be a lot less divorces.
  • FatherJack
    At least , if she so wishes , a woman can easily get a " replacement " man , women are the choosers & the desirable gender , men are generally NOT desired at all. Also women have their ultra close inter female friendships , a per No 4 , which are absent in men , women have well developed support networks of both genders... men are on their own !!
  • Grace_Rdz
    "I feel empty"
    ... That's what I get for allowing someone to fill that already empty space for once. Now I keep trying to fill it again with temporary people which makes it even worse.
  • FemaleAssassin
    Thank God i've never made a guy to be the center of my life lol.
    • Same

    • Unit1

      And I never made girls and women the center of my life :P :)

    • @Unit1 good for you! Seriously, you do you, u don't have to depend your whole happiness on someone else because someday they WILL disappoint you.

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  • ashley1996
    I've been most of these. 1,2,5,6,8,10,11. Lol. I have fell head over heels for a lot of jerks. Lol. Right now I am between 11 and 8. Spot on correct good take
  • LillyTheGinger
    I haven't had a lot of heartbreaks but I suppose I fall under #11.
  • 10dsw
    1, 3, and 5 ring especially true for me. I've seen it countless times.
  • Jxpxtxr
    Interesting list! I'm a mixture of 6, 8 & 11 I think 😂
  • somebodysaycheese
    13. the Girl who forgets her ex by going out and having ONS. Nothing like releasing stress with a couple of orgasm lol
  • UdontNeedtoknow
    women are psyco... there care so much of what others think instead of what they want. then when they realize what they want most of the time it is something that they can't get...
  • singlebee
    Lol when a girl from my college group got dumped she wanted to just in a river hahahaha 😂😂
  • Silver158
    I usually just get the crazy vengeful ones. The ones who spread vicious rumors and lies. The ones who try to bang your friends.
  • TooBlessed
    Im similar to, 2, 4 and a little bit of 9
  • Saoirse_Nua
    Lots of truth in this take
  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    Am I on tumblr?
    • did your dick get smaller too?

    • @OrdinaryGentleman yes, as improbable as you'd think given my size... or lack thereof 😭

    • Tumblr gets zero rest from you, it's ok bud... it's the motion of the ocean that counts. even tho the average is like 18" im sure you and your 12" could do just fine

  • FemWorship
    3 5 6 12
  • LordIheanacho
    All the reason why I'm glad to be single.
  • Princeofanons
    Spot on bruh
  • Emiko
    I'm a mix of #2 #10 and #11...
  • Popo21
    Lmao this is funny
  • bruce3
    good take
  • sp33d
    Fuck, #9 continues to scare the crap out of me!
  • MissSakura
    loved puking gift
  • Zombie_Killer_Redux
    I must be a chick coz I'm all that :o
  • FanGirl67
  • Anonymous
    But women aren't "they"... You could say we? I think most of these go for me but maybe not really for all the women or even most of them.
  • Anonymous
    My ex gained 20lbs over our relationship (that's a lot of weight on a 5' frame)
    Still loved her and she still talked to other guys so I dumped her

    Then she lost the weight...
    I fucking hate females lol! Why couldn't have she been healthy while we were dating?
  • Anonymous
    Its kind of rude but I just disappear and pretend the person never existed
    • Unit1

      It's not rude. It's the best method to move on and the most effective.

  • Anonymous
    The animated pictures for number 3, 4 and 5 had me lol
  • Anonymous
    You missed a few;

    1. They become misandrist towards men and/or paint men in same basic brush as their EX.

    2. They switch teams and think women will be better lovers for them.

    3. They become distrustful of men.

    4. Some go into having sex with lots of people like a binge just to quell the pain of another failed relationship..

    5. They end up become more jaded about love/relationships.

    • Lol u got it, I think all 5 of those apply to me whenever I'm dumped except I'm over the point of being bi-curious so yea I'm straight.

  • Anonymous
    hahahaha.. you forgot entering into a rebound relationship.
  • Anonymous
    I've been on the receiving end of number 7 and it sucks, hard.