Three Key Break Up Warning Signs

Relationships constantly evolve. If you are not feeling good about some of the changes that are happening in your relationship you are probably wondering if they are signs of an inevitable break up.

Not every change means you are headed for break up but there are three key break up warning signs.

Break Up Warning Sign #3 - The Blame Game

The blame game is the number three break up warning sign. If it's always the other person's fault then no one is taking responsibility. Sometimes in relationships people revert to childhood tendencies. These aren't that actual words but in effect they are saying, "it's not my fault, you made me do it." There is no culpability for one's own actions. So if neither party is willing to take responsibility for the relationship there is going to be a problem. This blame the other person is the number three warning sign of a break up.

Break Up Warning Sign #2 - Constant Fighting

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Constant fights are the number two break up warning sign. If the frequency and content of the fights tend to escalate then you have a serious break up problem. When two people fight like this things get said and insults are hurled that are very difficult to take back later. Its very, very difficult to keep the relationship going this way.

What the fights are about is not nearly as important as the nature of the fight. Verbal sparring often leads to very serious relationship injuries and is clearly the number two warning sign of a break up.

Break up Warning Sign #1 - Neglect

Relationships often move very quickly to a comfortable place. However, it is very easy to move from being comfortable with each other to neglecting each other. Neglect is the number one warning sign of a break up. Neglect can take many forms but we all know it when we are feeling it. You may feel neglected because your feelings and opinions are not seriously considered. Even worse you may feel neglect because you are being ignored.

When your significant other begins to tune you out the relationship is headed for a break up. This type of neglect is really the most insulting. It implies that you have no value or anything to say worth listening to. So it is important to address neglect, the number one warning sign of a break up immediately. Don't let it persist.

Ideally, couple will see these warning signs and address them before they get out of control. However, the reality is that many people let these things go on and eventually find themselves in a broken relationship and they don't really know why. Go over these three key break up warning signs and you will begin to find the real source of your problem.

Relationships are worth saving. The right relationship can be so hard to find so don't just let it slip away. To read more about breaking up and making up go to Break Up - Make Up.


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  • I think that although these are important to consider there are also multiple other signs and factors which contribute. It eventually depends on how strong the people are and how in love they are and willing to try hard and never give up. Keep on fighting as they say.

  • are you saying these things lead to a break up. or that they indicate a break up is imminent.

    it sounds like things you want to avoid rather than an actual warning.

    someone saying I don't think we are good together-probably indicates they will break up.

    lots of fighting doesn't =a breakup. it could if handled well give you an opportunity to work on and resolve long standing issues brought to the surface.

    thirst doesn't = passing lout. though it could lead to it if you go too long without H20

  • Awesome. :)


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