What should I do if I regret "friendzoning" someone?

This guy and I were talking for a couple months, and he would always flirt with me, and told me that he wishes I was there so he could kiss me, and hug me, or just be with me in general. Through the mix of all of this, he started to tell me that he loves me. We were talking and acting like we were in a relationship for about 5 months, so it was easy for me to say it back.. But I made this mistake to ask him what his feelings were for me, since he hadn't yet asked me to be his girlfriend. After he didn't clearly tell me, I told him that since he can't come to term with how he feels, than we should stay friends. I now regret this so much, and I can't stop thinking about him.. but I'm afraid to tell him I don't just wanna be friends, because I don't want to be rejected. HELP?


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  • Ok, for a guy to pull himself out of the friendzone is very hard, but a woman can take him out of the fz no problem. Just the way it is. If you two are good friends, your admission of your feelings should never hurt the foundation of the friendship. If this is a good guy, he will give you a hug, tell you he is super flattered, but then gently let you off the hook if he just wants to be friends. So I would say don't be afraid, and ask!


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  • It is never too late to get some one put of friend zone, especialy a guy!

    • i asked him "do you think things will ever go back to the way they were" and he said "they might.. just wait you'll see".. what does he mean by that?

    • He's trying to see a reaction, show him you're interested and he will anwser fast enough

  • Passionately kiss him. On the lips, with tongue.


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  • I agree with Stiches, see his reaction and that will tell you how he feel without having to ask :)


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