Ex keeps texting since breakup.. Advice please?

Ok here's the short version.. My girlfriend of 4 years (live-in for 2) dumped me 2 weeks ago.. She gave her reasons as "things just aren't the same anymore", things aren't the way they were in the beginning". Just last week though she was asking me about our upcoming vacation plans for the end of this month so it was really out of the blue.
Anyhow, I asked her if we could work on it and she said she feels like we already have. That was it I did not go the begging, pleading, stalking, texting, make a fool of myself route.
So now neither one of us live in the house we shared but we both go there to pack SEPERATELY at my request.
I do NOT initiate any contact with her. I will not answer her calls but if she texts I do answer. I'm pleasant but it stick strictly to the business at hand.
She texts me quite a bit for basically nothing at all and the other night she came to where I work to "drop off paperwork". She had just been at the house packing so she could've left it there or gotten it to me through her sister since I work with the sister. Instead she came to my job, gave me the paperwork, cried and left.
The next day she sent me a text "coming there and seeing you like that isn't going to work".
Please some advice!!! Honestly if I there were a chance of getting back together with her I would because I do love her dearly. But she would have to be the one to initiate that since SHE dumped ME.
I'm just trying to figure out why she is toying with me like this.
She texts just about everyday with basically nothing. Just little chit chat or an unimportant question... I feel like she's always waiting for me to say SOMETHING but I have no idea what..
I never initiate contact and my strength in my resolve to do that is enough to get me through for now. Once she is completely packed and out of the house I will probably not respond to the texts anymore either. I wish it wasn't like this. I miss her.


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  • Awww first, I am deeply sorry for any hurt this is causing you. She wasn't happy as thing were. She wanted some things from you, you weren't giving here. Whether it was natural, or she had too high expectations; she felt it wasn't what she wanted. Now she misses you terribly and misses having you around. She misses all the little things she didn't realize she had. If you would like her back, chase her! Don't let her go. Despite what she is saying, she is trying very hard to figure out what she wants. Because breaking up, turn out to not be what she wants at all.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Look, iKnow You Love This Girl & Want To Work Things Out But Set Your Feelings Aside For A Moment, Do You Really Want A Girl Who Leaves The Relationship For No Good Reason? If You Take Her Back She Will Know She Can Do It Again. Your Running High On Emotions Right Now & Need Time To Self Heal, iSuggest Cutting All Contact & Not Replying Back To Her, You Even Said It Yourself, She Is "Toying" With Your Emotions Right Now, She Is Using You As An Emotional Crutch Cause You Not Being In Her Life Hit Her Hard, Stay Strong...


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  • Sometimes two people need to fall apart just to realize they need each other... Your the man! Get her back!!! Ask her in simple, what do you want? what are you looking for? Like it sucks when girls are out of a relationship and guys will never feel that exact pain we emotionally distressed gals do.. run to her everything will be fine.


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