Why would my ex text me every day?

Here's the deal we're both in our early 30's and we dated for nearly 3 years and were living together. Broke up about 6 months ago and had to stay in contact because I couldn't move my stuff out of the apartment right away. About 3 months ago I got my own place and moved out but we still talk. I'm pretty sure he's at least seeing someone new but I don't know how serious it is, and he never talks to me about her. For about the last 6 weeks he has been texting me almost every day...usually in the morning while we are both at work (and this new girl he has works with him) just to say good morning and see how my night was or to ask little questions. We also get together once or twice a week for dinner, or to go shopping or hang out at the pool.

So guys if this were you why would you be doing it? Is this how you act with your friends? Or does this mean he may want something more and just can't decide...
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Well, to be fair since he does not discuss this other girl with me I cannot be sure if he is even still seeing her. I have had exes be friendly with me after a break up but never to this extent ...and he was the one who ended it not me.
Why would my ex text me every day?
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