Noticed my ex bf has blocked, unblocked me twice , does this have any significance?

not sure why my ex bf keeps blocking and unblocking me, at least twice. unfortunately, he has the same first name as my current bf so when i type my bf's name in, sometimes his name will pop up. in case anyone believes i stalk my ex bf, it isn't the case since i have a bf. the strangest thing is the block and unblock behaviour im asking about. i'm confused as to why he keep s doing this. he had been the one who agreed to break up and it hurt us both. we were together two and a bit years and we were engaged. i do miss a few things about him, quite a bit. he did a lot for me as an important person in my life. however, members of his family sabotaged any hope our relationship would work out. i am more or less askng why ex bf's tend to unblock and block their ex gf's. i dont' understand this at all. i haven't had any contact with the guy and at least we left it a civil break up. i miss the friendship but feel it's not going to be ok.


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  • If you are just inquiring about the blocking/ unblocking part, the answer is simple. He misses you, then he remembers something happening (a fight?) then he misses you again. It has no significance, believe me. It may be that he is having second thoughts but till the time he actually does something about it you shouldn't let it affect you so deeply.

    Many a times when relationships cease to exist people miss each other. If the relationship got over at a very silly point, all it takes is an apology and understanding to bring it back. But sometimes we figure that what the relationship gave us wasn't much and it's best to be with someone else. It'll be your decision :)

    • he did message me six months after the break up. i told him not to contact me because I'm seeing someone else. I feel awkward about being friends with him, but yes the thought crosses my mind. we did have a fight. thank you for your answer, it was informative

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  • Why bother even worrying about it if you're currently in a relationship. The past is the past. Forget it. Yeah it hurts, but hey that's life! I will never get why people even make such a big deal about people unfollowing, unfriending or blocking them on social media.


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