How can I make her mine again? Please help!

My girlfriend broke up with me because she wasn't in love with me anymore. But she very much wants to be best friends. I was her first everything. First boyfriend, first kiss, etc. I honesty only want her and I'll do whatever it takes. She's 18 and I'm 21 and we dated for two and half years.


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  • You need to respect her decision, cuz there isn't really anything you can do. Give her time, and don't chase her. Please just focus on yourself, and do things that are good for you, and makes you happy. If there is a chance she is going to take you back, then that is probably the only way anyway. If you are happy and enjoying life, she will notice, trust me.
    Be the strong one. Be the one that can find/deserves someone better. Be the desired one.


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  • I'd recommend being best friends. Being best friends means your just out of being in a relationship. And your closer than any other guy if you are to her. You'll still be able to talk heaps and at least you'll be there. This gives you the highest chance, trust me. If you try push in and get her back, she's already stated her opinion, and might push you away completely

    • Would it be helpful to tell her that I'm not ready to be friends yet because I'm still in love with her? And do not texting or anything like that for a month or so? One of my friends recommended that so I don't know if that's a good idea or not.

    • Mm I guess but there would have to be some rules for you in that case like don't be persistent like I said and minimal contact would be good so you can each sort things out by yourselves. I think that could be an alternative.

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  • Give it time, you'll move on.


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