Am I better off without her? Or should I try to get her back?

My ex & I were together 6 months & everything was great for 4 of them but she always would say stuff even in the beginning that was negative towards the relationship & made me paranoid I really like her a lot & miss her so much. I'll admit for a while I was really unconfident in our relationship & would ask questions about our relationship to try & make sure we were ok & she always told me it didn't bother her & she wanted me to feel secure & then eventually she got mad & told me to work on asking them anymore which I did & never asked them again & then a month later she said her & her mom were talking & they think just because I haven't asked those questions in a month doesn't mean I won't start up again which she said a month earlier that she would give me a chance to change & then I did & she still broke up with me. Her mom was always saying stuff whether it was calling me dependent for not wanting to go to the hospital which is because I didn't have insurance at the time & then saying I was unconfident beyond repair which I was unconfident but I fixed it & when she broke up with me she said she didn't know why & she was really confused but she said all these possible problems which one was that I wasn't a challange which early on she told me not change because she liked me for who I am & how I am & she even went as far to say she started hating me at times. I don't know what I did. Her mom & her were always talking about how sweet I was & how good I was to her & how I am the best boyfriend she's ever had. She also told me I was the only guy she would ever consider going back too. I have talked about the brake up more in other posts but I miss her a lot & I really want her back but my friends & family say I'm better off with out her because she was very selfish & was always putting me down. I haven't even tryd to talk to her since the break up nearly a month ago & she hasn't try'ed contacting me either I also blocked her on fb only so I could cope. help?


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  • Wake up tom!! MOVE THE FUCK ON!!! I hate girls that pull this shit. They sit up there be insecure, bring drama to the table, say hurtful or shit they'll apologize about later but they want you to be the things they are lacking in. So when you build them up they more stuff to complain about. Oh and another thing, don't buy into her not knowing her actions cause she do know why. Example " your sweet ( no homo) your caring , your nice, your the best bf she ever had vs braking up with you cause your not confident, her damn mind us wrapped around drama, and she don't give a fuck about the relationship. She there to ease the mind, help make money, and love with no end. Same for you. She's a bad apple dude, cut her to the quick.


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  • Move on. You tried and she didn't accept it. Move on.

    (Also, please try not to write with all the & in one long sentence... it makes it hard to read! )

    Best wishes...

  • To me. It's not worth it but do what you want bro. What's right for you. What does your heart say?


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