Why did my ex take his new girlfriend to our vacation spot.?

So I was with my ex for 9 years and we have been split up for a little over 8 months...he has a new girlfriend and has since month 3 of our break up...I just found out that he took her to our vacation spot that we go to every year in the fall...we use to go to this scenic little town in our state and rent a cabin and stay for 3 days and go visit the little shops and eat at the same restaurant every time and then go to state park and take pics of the nature and the leaves turning (I know this may sound boring but we LOVED it)...anyway I saw on her MySpace page that she "had such a relaxing time in (name of the place)"...ugggghhhh...

How can he do this, WTF...it is bad enough that he left me after 9 years to deal with all the crap that we built together, then he gets with a girl that we both worked with (I left there, I couldn't deal with it any longer), and now he takes her to the place that was "special" to us...

In all fairness I have not been an easy EX...i've been a little crazy and not very willing to let go...but damn have some consideration after that long together...



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  • Ugh, what a loser. I agree with ty-lady: my guess is that he's too lazy to think of a different date!

    It makes it seem like he got all his best memories and best qualities from you. Easier said than done, but go find someone with a little more imagination.


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  • Look at it this way, he didn't show any originality in the thought of sharing a vacation w/her. What I mean by this is that SHE should be mad that he took her somewhere that he used to take his ex...How romantic is that for her. He took no time in putting his thoughts into taking her somewhere special. You shouldn't be mad, she should! Gotta not sweat the small stuff and always remember that there is a little good in everything...lol You really would've been upset if he took her to the very place that is his favorite place on this earth... it's all trivial, don't sweat and by the way... Move on! Hope this helps! Love & Peace!