Why did my ex run away when he sees me?

We broke up about 2 months ago and today i bumped into him but instead he ran away from, then he waved at my sister. what could be the reason for that?


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  • He doesn't wanna see you. Obviously


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  • Perhaps the Cowardly Lion finds this Very Awkward now somehow here, dear, and Instead of saying "Hi" He... Ran away then, avoiding you like the plague.
    Many of today's toms are sporadic, unpredictable And 'Awkward' it Appears when it comes to the After maths of Breakups with No Makeups. This bird is no exception to my Rule of the thumb with this One.
    Don't let it get to you, he may still come around one day to Say "hey."
    And of course as wise as I am this owl, perhaps he is holding a heartfelt grudge From...2 months ago?
    Good luck. xx


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