How do you "undo" a breakup? I think I messed up.

When my ex and I broke up, I told him on so many occasions I'd never go back to him. After a rocky beginning, we turned out to be great friends. Many people have told me they think he still likes me. I'm not sure of it myself, but I hope it's true. Because the thing is, I miss much. Hanging out and talking to him makes me wish I had never told him we were done for good.

How can I find out if he still likes me? I've told him once I was a little attracted to him, but I he dismissed it as me just physically attracted (cause I was a little drunk at the time, lol). One night we were at a party, and there was a moment where I think he was about to kiss me, but we got interrupted. And I guess the disappointment on my face was obvious because he tried to get me to talk about what I was thinking, But I got scared and pretty much blew the chance I had of telling him how I feel.

And I think it's a little awkward now...
How do you "undo" a breakup? I think I messed up.
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