How do you "undo" a breakup? I think I messed up.

When my ex and I broke up, I told him on so many occasions I'd never go back to him. After a rocky beginning, we turned out to be great friends. Many people have told me they think he still likes me. I'm not sure of it myself, but I hope it's true. Because the thing is, I miss much. Hanging out and talking to him makes me wish I had never told him we were done for good.

How can I find out if he still likes me? I've told him once I was a little attracted to him, but I he dismissed it as me just physically attracted (cause I was a little drunk at the time, lol). One night we were at a party, and there was a moment where I think he was about to kiss me, but we got interrupted. And I guess the disappointment on my face was obvious because he tried to get me to talk about what I was thinking, But I got scared and pretty much blew the chance I had of telling him how I feel.

And I think it's a little awkward now...


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  • a good relationship is founded on communication and trust...if you can't talk to him and tell him you like him then you might as well not even get back together...just talk to him about it and see where he stands...tell him your feelings...

    also, my ex girlfriend told me she never wants to get back together too...cept we haven't spoken in 4 months cause I told her I just couldent be her friend, it would be to hard for the fact that you want to get back with him after telling him that gives me hope that she will come long has it been and why did you break up if you don't mind me asking?

    • (Read comment below). It was 6 months ago, and I stopped talking to him for about 2 months before caving. He used to IM me ALL THE TIME until that night. Which makes me think he doesn't like me because he must have had SOME idea what I was thinking. But then why try to get me to say it outloud if you don't feel the same? But then again it IS exam time. Idk, lol. You're right about the communication thing though. That was our main issue, and being friends helped, but it's ALWAYS hard to talk feelings

    • Has she tried to contact you?

    • All I can say is that if you really do love him, you have to sit him down and let him know how you it out like the adults you are...

      and no, she hasent tryed to contact me, she doesn't talk about me to her friends I don't think...and everything she posts on Facebook is just things like "i love this cold weather" and random stuff like that....she has givin no hint that she thinks about me at all so...

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  • i don't think you can. =(

    • Yeaaaaa that's wut I'm afraid of, lol. I think you're right.

  • You sound like my ex.. She left me and completely broke my heart. I think of her everyday, but really resent her for doing this to me.. I'm still deeply in love with her, and it's been 6 months.. My pride won't let me extend a courtesy call/text.. but I just miss her so much. My heart jumps every time I get a text or call, just on the off-chance it's her. Again it's weird, because I think I hate her, but still love her.. I confuse myself all the time.. If I were you, I'd absolutely talk to him.

    • That's how I kinda feel =/. He ended it, but it's like he couldn't let me go. He still talked to me and tried to get me to hang out with him before I completely shut him out. When we started talking again, he would IM me all the time. And try to hang out with me. He broke it off with me because he didn't know what he wanted. But then he BEGGED for me to take him back. And when I did, I regretted it. My friends all mention the way he looks at me, but my pride won't let me take that chance.

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