My ex bought me a souvenir... what should I do?

I've known him for 4years now. Recently, we got into a relationship but it was only through texting... we didn't meet up because I was never allowed to go out and he was in Australia for 3months (i am in Malaysia). Our relationship lasted less than a month... I kind of expected it since it was only texting... no video call n stuff but we texted everyday. However, my mother told me to stop talking to him and end everything because he has a bad background. He used to be in a gang... beating people up and stuff. But he says he has stopped. Nevertheless, I listened to my mum and stopped everything. After a few weeks of not talking, he texted me and said that he is back in Malaysia and that he has bought me a souvenir. What should I do? He knows that we can't be together and that I already ended everything... so... what should I do?


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  • Listen to your mom and cut all communications with him.


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  • ... I kind of expected it since it was only texting...
    With everything you have said and stated here, dear, you have more or less Answered your own Question In... Question.
    Put him now on your own pay no mind list and don't reply to this guy. Block him from your cell, block him from your head and put this to bed ASAP.
    Mommy Dearest knew Best from the Rest Then and still does even as I write this. Keep this not such a stone's throw guy away from your heart and head so this doesn't have to Continue to be a Full circle problem pattern, where it is a back and forth tennis game with No gain in the game.
    The ball is Now in your court. Don't Serve.
    Good luck. xx


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  • You don't really need to meet up with him unless you want to, you know that don't you? He obviously sounds like he still cares about you. But something I failed to do when i was 17 was not listen to my mum.

    All the rest is up to you.

    • How do I tell him that I don't want to meet up with him now? I mean... he already bought the souvenir.. I don't want lead him on when I know that this relationship isn't going anywhere.
      If you don't mind me asking, do you wish that you had listened to your mum when you were 17?

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    • Yeah... through a text. Alright. Thank you for your comment! Really helped me! :)

    • I'm glad I could help :)

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