My ex wants to see me one last time to end it in a good note. What does that mean?

i cursed my ex out because I felt like he wasn't paying attention to me.. I played a lot of mind games. He got tired. He dumped me. I continue to text him. He said I'm harassing him. He wants to be friends with benefits, no calling, no nothing. I said no, I don't do that. So now he said he wants to see me one last time. Should I see one last time? I feel guilty. He said because I disrespected him. he couldn't deal with it. I want him back. Should try? or is he using me?


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  • He probably wants you back in his life in some way. Whether for sex or whatnot but your problem is that you feel hopeless without him. He wants to get you in the mindset that you still need him while in fact you really don't. Many people with sexual problems really in fact need nurturing and someone that they can love. It's just that physical love (sex) replaces all of that and they seek comfort in knowing that they have someone just like them. He is scared that you will leave him for good.


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  • break up sex.

    basically he's trying to use you.

    he didn't want to pay attention to you while you were in a relationship or treat you right, but he does want to use your body for pleasure if you don't mind. even if you want him back, doing it won't make it better, it would actually make it harder. because the guy has really never had to respect you or treat you right. he never did it during the relationship so you letting him hit would be like saying its okay for you to do all that to me, I will still give you my p**** anyway. if you want to try to get him to act right set your standards up high and let him rise to the occasion. that means no more mind games and he has to treat you like a good bf. that's even if he wants to make the effort. never let him have the power position because he will play you to his advantage. you want to remain in control of your destiny.


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