He hasn't gotten back to me, should I give up?

met this guy in a club, he got my number and texted me a few days later. He asked to meet up but I kinda ignored it and carried on with conversations.

went out to to another night club and told him I was going (we was going with his friends too) and we bumped into each other. Because this venue was massive, we kept bumping into each other and texting asking where I was.

Our final meeting in this club was when we chatted most and he asked 'is there anyone hitting on you that you don't want to?' *then points at himself* and I didn't actually realize that he was tbh! we chatted more, then he had to go. He kissed me on the cheek and said that he'd text me.

The next day he did!

we realized that we were in the same lecture (that neither of us attend) and I said 'I'll go if you go' and he replied 'lets go to the SU instead'

however, the day before our sober meeting he canceled as it was his mums birthday and he had to go home, said he'd top up his phone and asked if I was up for meeting when he got back/. I was slightly disappointed but its fair enough of him too :)

i replied telling him to have a nice time, and that I was free on the Monday. I haven't heard back and its been 3-4 days.

I've sent him a text since just asking how he is and if he's still up for meeting. but I've heard nothing.

I'm hoping he still hasn't topped up, but wondered if this was guy talk for he's not interested!



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  • hes probably just busy...instead of texting try calling...if he doesn't pick up don't worry like I said he's probably been busy, who knows what could be going on right now...keep ur head up, don't give up, text him and be like hey wanna grab lunch or something...something quick and easy, or say hey I'm going out tonight wanna meet up? or hey I'm meeting at my friends place to pregame, bring some of ur friends over and lets go out together...something harmless and fun


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