How to tell he's just letting you down easy?

What is some clear signs that a guy is not interested? And that maybe he's just trying to let you down easily?


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  • There are never clear signs. There is always room for ambiguity and misunderstandings. If women could take rejection better, guys would be more open to say what we want and don't like. Just ask him "Honestly, do you see yourself being with a girl like me?" You can ask him why or why not.

    You can even set the mood. Take separate vehicles to a place where you can be comfortable. A campfire over a mutual friend's house or on a sandy beach with friends. A few drinks to ease the nerves. Sit down facing the fire or the ocean and ask away. Eye contact might make him uncomfortable and confrontational.

    If you don't like the first question, you could ask him to describe his ideal woman. You should list your qualities ahead of time on a piece of paper somewhere (like at home) to compare with what he said. This is to avoid the 'fortune teller' fallacy where the subject makes the fortune believable (Yeah, I'm witty and I did a YouTube vid so that's kinda famous, etc.).


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