I'm sleeping with my ex and he's dating someone new!

My ex of four years and I have had a rocky relationship- mostly due to us traveling the world and going through stressful times. We broke up, but for some reason, we can't seem to stay away from each other. We still communicate.

I started dating someone right away, and told him-- asking him if this was a real break up and if I should move on. He said to do what made me happy. I realized after a few weeks of dating this new guy, that I still loved my ex. I called him up and told him I ended things. He told me he was still hurt that I dated someone. I told him, I can't date anyone... I still love him so much.

We hooked up and had sex a few times. But when he said he didn't want to hang out on a regular basis I freaked out on him... I felt used and started to cry and act ridiculous.

We talked last night, and I just found out via Facebook that he's dating someone new. Although he still suggested it would be ok if we slept together.

My heart is dying inside, FOUR YEARS! What do I do? I've texted him and called him. I don't want to be the crazy ex-gf... I love him so much... I can't imagine him with someone else. We still talk for hours on the phone!

WHAT DO I DO!? He hasn't even told me about her... but I tell him all the time I can't date anyone new because I love him.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Its called a rebound relationship, and he gets to have sex with you as well nice.. He is using you or her for sex to make you jealous, and maybe get back together. And if he feels like taking a break ie he found someone he wants to have sex with he can. If you don't stop talking to him, end it, and move on you will just get stuck here, not able to get over him, having sex with him, hook ups and him dating other people. And you don't get over him or move on just makes it harder to get over. If its over end it and move on no contact..


What Girls Said 1

  • He's likely dating someone new to try to get over you ...also known as a "rebound" ...which most of the time never works out. He's dating someone new because it hurt him that you did too!. I think you should just leave things alone for a bit and let things happen on their own. If he loves you still he will soon realize it and end things with this girl and come crawling back to you. And after 4 years I garuntee that things will play out this way. He's not over you. He won't be for awhile. He's probably just trying to figure things out right now. Don't constantly call him, don't text him, just leave him alone. Trust me. I was in the same situation, I dated a guy for 4 years, we broke up, both had rebounds, both didn't work out for us, I cut all contact , and he talked to me after awhile asking to work things out. now were back together and things have never been better :)

    I hope things work out for you :)


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